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Venom Previews, Medina, Bunn
Published on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 by

This is a book that is easily over looked in the Spider-Family of comics but it is a solid comic that needs more attention. Celebrating the 50th year of Spider-Man and the 24th year of Venom and the upcoming movie this comic sports two covers. One is regular while the other, like Wolverine and Daredevil, sports a spider variant. Although the insides are all consistent Medina. Venom #19 is the continuation of the story arc that will be collected into a single Savage Six trade (it is already listed on

Writers: Cullen Bunn, Rick Remender
Penciller (cover): Sean Chen
Artist: Lan Medina

The Story Highlights:

  • Flash Thompson and Betty Brant are on the run and there’s nowhere to hide!
  • Venom’s secret identity has been compromised… both to his enemies AND his friends!
  • Cullen Bunn (WOLVERINE) teams with series regulars Rick Remender & Lan Medina as the Savage Six stage their most brutal attack on the people closest to Flash Thompson!

Bunn’s work in Venom #19 and Captain America were featured in a Marvel Q&A with Cullen Bunn. Bunn is now in an exclusive writing contract with the marvelous Marvel. Other than the Tuesday Q&A and Medina art gallery, Marvel also ran Bunn’s 5 favorite Avengers.  Oddly, Venom doesn’t make the list but Mockingbird does.

Also in the gallery are peeks at upcoming Venom issues. Lan Medina has turned out great work with Cullen Bunn and Rick Remender on the Secret Agent Venom title.

The peeks at upcoming Venom shows a dynamic man of action web swinging pose as Flash saves Betty.

Peeking past this weeks Venom to #20-#23 show a glimpse of the Savage Six fight and beyond to a familiar guest star. Hellstorm popped into the title during Circle of Four joining Doctor Strange to keep hell at bay.

In all of these images we see a nice grasp of the body and form keeping the art in proportion and dynamic. Even the still moments seem less than static.

The images may be less astonishing than Astonishing X-Men this week with the Northstar book, but Venom remains a consistent and strong book that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The green brawler mixing it up with Venom in the previewed two page spread of Venom #20 is one of the odder members of Savage Six. Being an odd member of this Savage Six takes some doing since the membership includes Jack O’Lantern and Human Fly.

It is nice that this background member is finally getting his chance to tussle since he’s been almost ignored thus far in the story arc.

Even without lettering these pages tell pieces of the story unfolding in Venom’s secret agent title.


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