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Venom #19 Amid Spider-Books
Published on Thursday, June 21, 2012 by

Venom is a unique book in the Spider-Family of Marvel comics this week.

Marvel Moments:

Astonishing X-Men is going to eclipse most Marvel discussions given that Northstar is finally getting married and fulfilling a long developing characterization. This is the big Marvel wedding of the year like Mary Jane and Peter or Sue and Reed in years past.

Outside of the world of comics, Marvel and parent company Disney’s cartoons will also draw notable attention around the world wide GeekVerse. While the confirmation of Disney XD’s AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES cancellation at the end of its second season has continued to circulate around the internet at the start of the week, both Marvel and Disney have offered official announcements about the cartoons which will replace it during the new era of TV shows organized by Jeph Loeb. “ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN”, which debuted this spring starring Drake Bell as the voice of the wall crawler, will be renewed for a second season despite most critical responses to the show being negative.

Back in the world of comics Avengers vs X-Men is still drawing attention and mixed reviews. My natural grudge against numerous crossovers keeps me away.


Avenging Spider-Man #8 hits the comic shop shelves this week. The Spider-comic that is situated between Avengers adventures includes big name guest stars Doctor Strange, Silver Sable, and Doctor Doom in ENDS OF THE EARTH EPILOGUE. Writers:  Dan Slott and Ty Templeton. Cover: Shane Davis. Interiors: Matthew Clark.

Wolverine #308 and Daredevil #14 both have Spidey related variant covers. Wolverine #308 sports Carnage and Spidey. Daredevil #14 has picked up a Venom cover that is reminiscent of the villain from Dark Avengers and before but not evoking the current dark symbiote and bearer.

Last week brought Spider-Men #1 of 5.

50 years of Spider-Man comics, 24 years of Venom in comic books…oh and the little movie that you might have heard about with the Web-Head action hero seem like more than enough reason to push some Spider-books this month.


Out of all of the Spider-Family comics Venom is almost a step child. It involves the Spider-universe and an imitation Savage Six for a rogues gallery this comic does feature the one prominent red and blue character. This is a character re-visioning that is growing on me month after month. I originally passed on this title and came to it late trying to catch up. Around the local comic shops this title is still either loved or dismissed by fans.

Venom #19 is the continuation of the story arc that will be collected into a single Savage Six trade (it is already listed on

Writers: Cullen Bunn, Rick Remender
Penciller (cover): Sean Chen
Artist: Lan Medina

The Story Highlights:

  • Flash Thompson and Betty Brant are on the run and there’s nowhere to hide!
  • Venom’s secret identity has been compromised… both to his enemies AND his friends!
  • Cullen Bunn (WOLVERINE) teams with series regulars Rick Remender & Lan Medina as the Savage Six stage their most brutal attack on the people closest to Flash Thompson!

Savage Six Cover?Review: This is a fun book overall. Remender, Medina, and Bunn have been assembling a fine book and this one is no exception.

I would like to know how much of the plot comes from Remender and how much comes from Bunn. Remender will be leaving this title soon and Bunn will be taking over the title.  Knowing how much plotting and dialogue comes from either writer would be interesting. Both are listed as writers but I long for the knowledge that comes from the old fashioned Plotter and Dialogue distinction of days gone by.

This is a fun fight book. Secret Agent Venom is fighting on multiple fronts and trying to race against a diabolical clock.

Betty Brandt is paralleled with Gwen Stacey beautifully. Having Jack as an obvious Green Goblin stand in works blatantly but it works well. Dropping Betty puts Venom into a classic Spider-Situation. Responsibility and gravity are well interwoven in this comic.

Lan Medina is a nice follow up after Tony Moore. The styles are complimentary and read well together issue by issue without looking like Medina is trying to be Moore. It is sophisticated and detailed.

July sees two more issues from this title. Savage Six is hurling forward quickly. If those books to come are as good as this installment then this will be as strong as any part of this run.

Venom is a great addition to the current Spider-Books and should not be over looked.

regular cover

regular cover

ASM cover

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