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Young Justice #17 preview
Published on Thursday, June 21, 2012 by

Season 1 and Season 2 were separated by a 5 year timeline jump. The comics seems to be sticking with season 1 thus far.Young Justice and Justice League are working side by side which they do more of in the 2nd season of Invasion.Notice some familiar evil faces from season 1 &2 together.

Last month’s issue of YOUNG JUSTICE had the team members fighting alongside their mentors in individual adventures. But how do all of these separate events tie together?


In YOUNG JUSTICE #17, the pieces of the puzzle come together as the team are once again joined by their adult superhero counterparts to help them take on the villainous Kobra. But can he be stopped before completing his bizarre ritual? Meanwhile, will the team also be able to take down a giant serpent before it destroys Minneapolis?

  • KOBRA is back – and he’s scheming to become a god!
  • Don’t miss the action as ROBIN, KID FLASH and ARTEMIS tackle MAMMOTH and SHIMMER!
  •  Guest-starring BATMAN, THE FLASH and GREEN ARROW!
  • Continues story started in FCBD12 and Young Justice #16!
  • Page 1 reviews the last issue which makes this a surprisingly good starting point for new readers.

In stores this week, YOUNG JUSTICE #17 is written by Kevin Hopps and Greg Weisman and is illustrated by Christopher Jones.

This is a comic that builds an all ages book that is truly for all ages. If this title hasn’t been on your non-52 DC reading list then it should be.

Young Justice #18-19 brings in Gorilla Grodd in July and August. Issue 20 seems to bring in the freshman class of season 2’s Young Justice.


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