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Darkwing Duck?
Published on Saturday, June 23, 2012 by

I was a huge fan of Boom! studios Dark Wing Duck mini series and short lived regular series so it was great to chat with James Silvani across the convention table at HeroesCon. Silvani’s convention table was heavily adorned by Darkwing Duck. Silvani also worked on Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers for Boom! under the Disney license. He has also worked on Richie Rich (Archie Comics) in addition to the Boom! books, but it was the masked mallard that adorned his tale and lanyard.

Silvani chatted about how much fun Darkwing Duck was as a character and a book to work on. It is nice when  a creator enjoys the property. Sadly that isn’t always the case in the industry.

I was heartened to hear that Silvani was working regularly and steadily since the end of Darkwing Duck. Unfortunately he was cagey about what he was doing. He did say that he was working on a few projects for Disney that have not been formally announced yet.

I asked if the masked mallard would be returning now that Disney owns Marvel. Toy Story has returned and more Pixar books are forth coming. Silvani said Disney seemed to be focusing on Pixar and Muppets and have not yet discussed the ducks publicly.

Chatting with Silvani I mentioned that I was glad Toy Story was back, but that I didn’t enjoy the title as much as I had when Boom! worked on the property. In doing so I found out that the new Woody heavy Toy Story title from Marvel was being put together by Disney’s comic house in Milan instead of more American based Marvel creators.

Do you know how cool this convention is? Silvani was tabled side by side with Don Rosa keeping ducks together.

After chatting with the friendly but secretive Silvani I spent the afternoon wildly speculating about Disney doing Darkwing Duck with former Boom! writers so they can get it right even without any confirmation. I would also like to see Greg Wiesman continue the Gargoyles and Gargoyles: Bad Guys that he started with Slave Labor Graphics but never completed. With Wiesman penning the stories and Marvel or a Milan based Disney comic artist collective cranking it out on deadline. Although I would not want Wiesman to leave Young Justice but I’m sure he can do both. My fan ramblings then remembered that Silvani said Disney was keenly interested in the Pixar products which COULD include the heroic The Incredibles which is rumored to have a new movie in the works.  Yet again that was only my stream of consciousness playing with Silvani’s teases.

The internet is a place for wild wishes and fan speculation, so I will reiterate that Silvani confirmed or denied very little besides his love for Darkwing Duck.

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