The GeeksverseDay 2: One Fan’s Day & Reviews to Come

Day 2: One Fan’s Day & Reviews to Come
Published on Saturday, June 23, 2012 by

Chatting with Jim Rugg today he summed up Heroes Con as a show that doesn’t have big announcements like other shows but is ran completely for the fans. He also mentioned that it was a show he looks forward to because the shopping is usually excellent. A stout crowd was keeping Rugg at work behind his table when he wasn’t doing his panel with Mignola.

Today I worked the floor meeting new talent and flipping through portfolios. TheComixVerse contributor TheDeensList was shaking a few hands, arranging a few more interviews, and covering the panels. His thoughts are still forthcoming and I can’t wait to see what he has to say. We divided up and went separate directions to cover the show as completely as possible.

Today’s day 2 review from me is in part a what is going on today and an advertisement of independent and small press books that I will be reviewing soon!

Today’s panel roster was again excellent:

  • SCAD Comic Book Storytelling crash course
  • Skottie Young and Heather Peagler discussing the new Wizard of Oz
  • A novel reading of Prepare to Die! by Paul Tobin
  • Chris Sims and Matt Wilson live hosted a podcast with special guests
  • Hellboy covers with Cap Blackard, Mike Mignola, Becky Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, and Dave Johnson
  • Doug Merkle discussing with Cully Hammer, Ivan Rels, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, Joe Prado and DC’s 52
  • Twomorrow Panel with Michael Eury, Roy Thomas, and John Morrow
  • Approaches to Humor with Heidi McDonald, Roger Langridge, Evan Dorkin, and Tim Rickard which covers from Muppets to Milk  & Cheese
  • The Activity, Image Comics Cover Operation comic discussion with Nathan Edmondson, Mitch Gerads, and Kevin Maurer
  • Journey int Thor #1 with Matt Fraction, Walkt Simonson, and Doug Merkle
  • Inkewell Awards live ceremony with Hall of Fame recipients
  • Quick Draw again!
  • SCAD Creating maquettes
  • Geof Darrow and Don Rosa talking cartoons
  • Rachel Pandich, Janet Lee, Jennifer Mercer, Vanessa Satone, Anya Martin, Brenda Kirk, and Rachel Deering discussing Womanthology and Kickstarter projects
  • Jum Rugg and Mike Mignola doing a podcast live style panel
  • Rocketeer Anniversary celebration
  • Echoes of ’82
  • Jeffery Brown and Zack Smith discussing Star Wars
  • Scott Snyder and Francesco Francaveilla discussion
  • SCAD Digital Coloring and Lettering
  • Cosplay II Discussio
  • Stan lee True Believers Hour

SCAD has upped their presence at this event. They are doing a lot of quick crash course classes which is a great way to show the next generation what they need to know as well as being a great advertisement for their school (with campuses in Savannah and Atlanta).

Stan Lee did his first day. He was originally scheduled for only one but demand was overwhelming so they scheduled a second day. I am remiss to pay for a signature but I am impressed by how well ran Lee was handled. The line moved like clock work.

I met S.L. Gallant who was working on a sketch but very willing to stop and sign a few autographs and chat a moment. He is my favorite G.I. Joe artist so it was nice to get him to sign the issue with the funeral for Billy. His signature looks good across the coffin. I had to admit to him that while he was my favorite Joe artist I am not impressed by Larry Hama recently. Gallant said he’d had fun working on the other Joe titles but since he was able to keep Hama happy he’d be working on that title for the next while blue cyborg ninjas and all.

Herb Trimpe’s line was slow moving. Trimpe is a chatter. He’ll chat with the audience or the people beside of him. Trimpe worked on the funeral for Billy cover so he signed the same. He recalled his brief run with Gary Friedrich on Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. with me.

While I saw many many Avengers cosplayers and several Ultimate/movie universe Nick Furys I had the distinct feeling I was the only one carrying around Trimpe’s Nick Fury. Most of the people in the slow moving line with me were carrying G.I. Joe or Hulk comics from his work at Marvel.

Happily Robert Perez had a long line.

Sadly the Perez line was blocking nearly entire block of tables including Robert Atkins. Atkins and I chatted about how well the white covers worked on the recent G.I. Joe comics. I’m still a fan of his work on Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

I was finally able to pick up the hard back Jay Potts World of Hurt collection. It is a hefty book that preserves the strip format from the webstie–a full review will follow in a few weeks and an additional interview coming soon.

Rob Anderson, writer of Rex, Zombie Killer, was happy to see me. He told me a few things about the upcoming Rex, Zombie Killer that we’ll reveal as he’s ready. He introduced me to Dafu Yu that did the art work. Rex is now coming from Big Dog Ink and Anderson and Yu were manning the Big Dog Ink booth. Big Dog has a Wizard of Oz that is completely different from the Marvel Oz title. The Legend of Oz: Wicked West is a western re-visioned as a Western.  A graphic designer friend of mine looking over it was impressed with the design re-visioning that works as a fantasy western simply but complexly.  A full review will follow in a few weeks in case you haven’t followed this book yet. can provide more information if you’re impatient.

Jesse Thomas has several new issues of Night Craft out since the first issue was released Summer 2010. Night Craft is a series of full length books that tell various stories. Thomas had several titles for sale today. He also had a two page story that has never been included in a Night Craft book that he was giving out for free. It is an interesting self published/publish on demand give away.

Valiant’s booth was passing out their Free Comic Book Day offering as well as selling the remaining first printing runs of their #1s. I picked up a copy of Harbringer based on this site’s review.  I won’t be reviewing Harbringer again but it is still online here for your perusal.

Tri-Boro Tales had a booth set up pushing their new books. Their work is available soon on but the crew traveled from New York to North Carolina to push their wares. Dread Society X’s zero issue (formerly a Bronx Con Special) and Aspects by Keith Miller and Chuck Collins will be reviewed here soon. I had a nice chat with them about publishing on demand, self publishing, and using the internet to get new product in front of the right audience. They are making use of conventions and the internet to spread their word. Again, review and interviews will be forthcoming.

Don’t forget to check out my advanced review of New Crusaders which will be in print in August. I chatted with Ian Flynn again today about the Crusaders but didn’t have a chance to talk about Mega Man or Sonic the Hedgehog.

Additionally I was impressed by the work of Christian N. St. Pierre, Brett Marcus Cook and Assailant Comics. Hopefully we will hear more about them here on TheComixVerse soon.

This is a show that is more than one person can experience completely. Luckily TheComixVerse slipped in more than one to work this show.

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    • I can’t believe Stan Lee is still out there pressing the flesh in the con circuit at his age. Dude must have some sort of Infinity Formula or healing factor thing going on, ha ha.


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