The GeeksverseSavage Dragon #180 & Supreme #86 -Advanced Review

Savage Dragon #180 & Supreme #86 -Advanced Review
Published on Monday, June 25, 2012 by

Savage Dragon #180 fits into this weeks Image books with titles new and old as the original title of the group. This week from Image Comics brings The Darkness Compendium Vol 2, Morning Glories Vol 3.   along with the floppy comics of The Manhattan Projects #4, Mind the Gap #2, Prophet #26,  Supreme #65, Whispers #3, and Witchblade #157. Prophet and Supreme were around when Image Comics and Savage Dragon were young, then went away, and came back again. Through it all the Dragon remained Savage and restrained until he snapped and became even more Savage as emperor.

Savage Dragon:

If you haven’t tuned in to Savage Dragon in a while, then you should still pick up Erik Larsen’s book again.

Savage Dragon #180 is still featuring a cast full of green fin heads. The original Dragon that was the hero of Chicago and the title for nearly 20 years is still in space struggling with his true past and people. Malcolm Dragon is still trying to carry filling the large fin of his father with creepy half sister dynamic in tow.

“Kill them all” is a classic Larsen first line.

This is a classic large cast Larsen book. Super Patriot, Freak Force, Fire Ant, and a host of others are fighting off a world threatening alien race. Amid it all fun, fists, and awkwardly timed inter species sex. This book still has it all after this many years.


Besides the title with green protagonist and forward moving clock, Erik Larsen is also working on Supreme. Larsen took over the project after Alan Moore left the title. Erik Larsen writes the title but also puts his pen to collaborating on the art. Supreme #65 picks up with the original Image numbering giving this title a tie to its older story line like IDW’s Larry Hama returned G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. Luckily, the return to Supreme seems to be going better than the blue cyborg ninjas of Hama’s weak return. Although Supreme’s lion headed and Mickey Mouse looking cast is not quite Emperor Kurr. Super Patriot does pop in and get smashed around. Darius Duck does make an appearance.

Supreme #86 is far from the level of fun offered by Savage Dragon but it has similar art cues and wild story telling. Somehow it doesn’t seem like Larsen at his best.

Coming Soon:

Next week, 7/4/12, is a patriotic week in America. It is also a week of Artifacts #19, Creator Owned Heroes #2,  Batula HC,  Danger Club #3, Epic Kill #3, Hack/Slash, Haunt #24, Hoax Hunters #1, Invincible #93, Invincible Vol 16: Family Ties, Morning Glories #20, Spawn #221, Super Dinosaur Vol 2, and Thief of Thieves #6. Imagine mine Image.
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