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Young Justice #17
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Kobra!Don’t yield, back sheild! No, wrong mantra for a group fighting an evil organization. Oops. Kobra-lalala Nope. Wrong serpent themed organization battle cry. Okay, skip it!

Young Justice #17 tells the quick, neat resolution to the story that started in the Free Comic Book Day 2012 offering–with pages repeated in Young Justice #16.  Like last issue the side kicks are fighting along side of their mentors until they divide and conquer. Flash, Green Arrow, and Batman fight on one front leaving Kid Flash, Artemis, and Robin handling villains all their own.

It is nice that the side kicks aren’t just helping out their mentors like last issue. One of the strengths of Young Justice is that it doesn’t completely ignore the older heroes but it  does let the youngsters be their own type of hero.

Last weekend I heard Marv Wolfman and Robert Perez discuss their landmark run on Teen Titans. One of the concepts that they held in that series is that the sidekicks weren’t sidekicks. The team book overall ignored the adults with the exception of Batman who had a background role since Robin was still being featured occasionally in that title. Donna Troy was easy to keep away from Wonder Woman since she hadn’t existed as a character before Teen Titans. Troy was a computer simulation before she became flesh and Titan. Apparently it was important to Wolfman and Perez that the young heroes should be able to stand on their own as super powered people. Later iterations and reincarnations of Teen Titans have held to that rule.

The original Young Justice title seems to play close to that same rule. Again, Peter David and Todd Nauck have some adults in the mix occasionally but it avoided the side by side team up time after time.

The cartoon version rebirth of the Young Justice brand has had more of the familiar adults than the previous title.  Both Young Justice titles have had baby sitters inserted into the cave. Red Tornado, Captain Atom, Batman, and others have tried to work as advisers for the Justice League as well as mentors to the youngsters. At times the baby sitting role has been more than advisory. Red Tornado has swooped in to save the team when they were over their head. In the current Young Justice title Captain Atom used the teens as detectives.

Young Justice #17 may fit into the time line just after season1 but it is using the adults like season 2 of the cartoon. Robin, the romance between Artemis and Kid Flash, and other details make this story seem like it is fitting at the end of season 1. Season 2 of the cartoon pairs the youngsters with Justice League more and more until the core six League members are taken off world to stand trial. During season 2 Superboy is even forced to be a stand in for the full blooded Kryptonian so that the public won’t realize the core of the Justice League are off the planet.

I will be curious to see how this title transitions from season 1 of the cartoon to season 2 in issue #20.

Despite the city saving role of the 3 Justice Leaguers the cover of this comic features the counterpart Young Justice members fighting. The cover is revealing as to what the younger members will be doing in these pages.

This comic has six heroes fighting a variety of villains and doing a variety of team up and solo heroics. The action reads well and is easy to follow. since this is an all ages book from the DC Nation being easy to follow is important. Being easy to read does not mean that it is simplistic or dull. This comic does a great job of balancing easy to read action with excitement.

Like the cartoon counterpart by the same title this series tells intricate and approachable stories.

Kevin Hopps and Greg Weisman tell a story that fits well with the characterization from the cartoon keeping these characters consistent.

Marv Wolfman said that Perez created the body language of Teen Titans so much so that when Perez left the title Wolfman was concerned the following artists would be judged  by everything including how the characters stand or look at each other.  Hearing Wolfman discuss that aspect of Teen Titans has made me want to rewatch Young Justice while starring at the comics across my knees. I’m curious how the body language translates between the active and static images of these characters. I probably won’t have time for that any time soon. Christopher Jones is creating a good looking comic even if I haven’t noticed his use of body language. I do know that the dialogue seems consistent.

In YOUNG JUSTICE #17, the pieces of the puzzle come together as the team are once again joined by their adult superhero counterparts to help them take on the villainous Kobra. But can he be stopped before completing his bizarre ritual? Meanwhile, will the team also be able to take down a giant serpent before it destroys Minneapolis?

  • KOBRA is back – and he’s scheming to become a god!
  • Don’t miss the action as ROBIN, KID FLASH and ARTEMIS tackle MAMMOTH and SHIMMER!
  •  Guest-starring BATMAN, THE FLASH and GREEN ARROW!
  • Continues story started in FCBD12 and Young Justice #16!
  • Page 1 reviews the last issue which makes this a surprisingly good starting point for new readers.

YOUNG JUSTICE #17 is written by Kevin Hopps and Greg Weisman and is illustrated by Christopher Jones.

Based on the past issues I have high expectations for issue #18. Superboy hates monkeys, although he tolerates Beast Boy in season 2, so coming into conflict with Gorilla City may be interesting. Someone is enhancing apes to create an army of warrior slaves and in Gorilla City the list of responsible candidates is fairly anti-human. #18 will be on sale July 18th!

#19 finishes the Gorilla City story arc on August 29th. The title shifts its line up to reflect season 2 in September. Upcoming issues of this title should prove to be as exciting as the past.

Kobra Recommended Reading: Besides this Young Justice series, some other recommended Kobra reading would include:

  • JSA vs Kobra
  • Kobra: Resurrection
  • Batman Beyond Unlimited
  • Collected Jack Kirby Collector vol 5

Young Justice Kobra: Already revealed in Young Justice #16 is that scientist Jason Burr is being abducted by the Kobra cowled Jeffery Burr and company. Weisman and Hopps are returning to some of the roots of this Klassic character.

Batman Beyond Unlimited Kobra: Recent issues of Batman Beyond Unlimited have featured the futuristic Justice League struggling against the Kult trying to end the world again.

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