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Idolized #0
Published on Thursday, June 28, 2012 by

What happens when a young hero becomes idolized?

Published by: Aspen Comics
Written by: David Schwartz
Art by: Micah Gunnell
Colored by: David Curiel
Lettered by: Josh Reed
Cover by: A- Micah Gunnel w/ Peter Steigerwald; B- Joe Benitez w/ Peter Steigerwald
Editor: Josh Reed

A couple things before I talk about the book itself..

First, having an actual model just reminds me of the days that Extreme had models (along with other publishers) posing as their characters: Avengelyne, Glory and others. Not the best time in comics and not sure if something would want to associate with. Model is beautiful, but not needed for a comic.

Second, is “super heroes as reality game show” the new zombies? Seems we’ve had a couple of books in that genre come out recently, a genre that was pretty much created by Todd Nauck’s Wildguard years ago.

Anyways, the comic itself? Excellent.

I’m liking that Aspen proceeds each new series with a 0 issue. Good way to introduce the series. Idolized does it differently though. This zero issue basically tells us everything that is going to happen in the series. We already know that Joule will win the competition and we already know what the results will be.

So why bother reading it now, right?

You bother because it’s a well crafted and well done story. You want to read to see how these events she talks about end up happening. Knowing what is coming gives a certain freedom, as well as expectations. We know what is happening, so we can look to see where she makes the mistakes, where she went wrong and what she could have done differently.

It’s a unique way to introduce the series and I’m glad that Schwartz is showing us that there is more to this book then just “super hero reality game show”.

The zero issue did it’s job. I’m interested in this series, and I really wasn’t before.

Gunnell’s art is very nice. This issue lets him showcase his abilities as we see all facets of work: talking head, action, etc.. Good job all around.

Idolized #0 receives
5 out of 5

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