The GeeksverseWebcomics Spotlight #2: Hunter Black

Webcomics Spotlight #2: Hunter Black
Published on Thursday, June 28, 2012 by

Follow the adventures of Hunter Black in this hard boiled fantasy web comic.

I found Hunter Black through Greg Rucka’s Lady Sabre web comic. What grabbed my attention, at first, was the art. It has a very Samurai Jack-ish feel to it, which I really liked. From there, I started in on the story.

Hunter Black is the story about a man looking for revenge. Hunter is an assassin that was framed and sent to a prison where he became sick. Now armed with a sword, The Revenger, he looks to extract his vengeance.

The world is populated by some interesting characters and each new chapter seems to add to the growing world. Created by Justin Peniston, writer, and William Orr, artist, have created a noir-ish fantasy story. It sets a decent pace, the web comic format and page size not allowing much at a time, and Peniston does a good job keeping the story moving.

I’m finding the world and the other characters in it, more interesting then Hunter Black himself. Not to say he isn’t a good character, but he isn’t as unique.

The art by Orr, which is similar to the style used by Gennedy Tartakovsky on Samurai Jack, is very interesting. Orr has chosen to only show the characters facing one direction, forward. This makes for some awkwardness here and there, with characters standing unnaturally in respective to other characters, and the panels having a little bit of a jump in the action since what should be going backwards is now going forwards. It sounds like it might make for a bit of a mess, but Orr makes it work.

Hunter Black quickly made it into my regular reading rotation and one of the first things I do on update days, Tuesdays and Fridays, is check out the latest chapter.

And yes, Maliya is a bad-ass.

Check out Hunter Black and get into the hard boiled fantasy.

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