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Coming Attractions For 07/04/12
Published on Sunday, July 1, 2012 by

The origin of the Cape and how Sabretooth came back are just two of the highlights coming out this week.

Instead of just posting the list of new releases, I thought I’d start doing something different. The list is readily available on Diamond’s site so anyone can view it. Instead of a list, let’s see what is coming out and what is worth picking up.

New releases: 07/04/12

It’s July 4th, so not every store will be open that day to get new books, just remember that when you head to your local LCS.

Hightlighted books:
He-Man And the Masters Of The Universe #1 (DC Comics)
The Cape: 1969 #1 (IDW Publishing)
Wolverine #310 (Marvel Comics)
Executive Assistant Assassins #1 (Aspen Comics)

DC brings He-Man back to comics this week. The digital only comic that came out last week wasn’t very well received, so it’ll be interesting to see how the first issue of the new mini-series does. I’m curious to see how James Robinson handles the property.

Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella reveal the origin of the Cape, from the recent smash mini-series. Seems a bit odd to be revealing the origin after only 4 issues, but the first mini-series was good so this should be no exception.

Wolverine shows Jeph Loeb, teamed with Simone Bianchi, showing how Sabretooth was brought back to the land of the living. This is the team that killed Sabretooth and this continues their story. I’m not happy that it forces its way into the Wolverine story, it feels like a speedbump and interrupting the flow.

Executive Assistant Assassins is billed as Aspen’s first ongoing series. I found it hard to believe that they’ve never had an ongoing before this. Isn’t Lady Mechanika supposed to be ongoing, even though it would technically qualify as a quarterly series. And wasn’t the first Fathom meant as an ongoing. I have to be honest, I hadn’t read any of the Executive Assistant one-shots that came out recently, but this could be interesting.

What books are you looking forward to this week?

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    • Glad you reminded me that He-Man is coming out this week. I’ll pick that up an give it a try.

      I enjoyed Lady Mechanika but keep forgetting about it. Like David Mack’s Kabuki, I wish the mini series was finished before the first issue came out. If it had shipped dependably that should have been a well received property. It started strong. Now I barely remember the last issue. 

      My wife tried Executive Assistant: Iris but became bored with it. She liked Kabuki as a female assassin struggling with right and wrong more than Iris.

      I guess I’ll pick up G.I. Joe: ARAH #180 to see how this convention setting works out.

      Muppets #1 from Marvel comes out this week too which is noteworthy.

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