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Magic Mike Thrusts to Top of Box Office
Published on Sunday, July 1, 2012 by

This has nothing to do with comics but I wanted to use the headline.ABC’s Sunday morning news program made a big deal about this movie drawing in a huge female crowd to rock the box office. They dubbed this the “Sex in the City” effect. I still maintain that watching male strippers draws in a crowd for a slightly different reason than wanting to watch the tv show on the big screen.

ABC’s Sunday morning news also reported that the start, Channing Tatum, and Oscar winning director, Steven Soderbergh,are working on a Broadway musical version of this box office rocking film. A Full Monty style stage show should prove a Times Square success.

Someone asked recently if Magic Mike had a plot. Oddly, I don’t remember anyone asking that about Striptease or Zombie Strippers. I do hope that Magic Mike makes more money that Titanic, but then I hope most movies sink that ship movie. July 3rd I would like to watch the new Spider-Man make Titanic look like Battleship, but if it can’t do it then I hope Magic Mike strips Titanic’s record.

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