The GeeksverseComing Attractions For 07/11/12

Coming Attractions For 07/11/12
Published on Monday, July 9, 2012 by

Each week we spotlight some books that we think are worth checking out.

This weeks new releases.

Punk Rock Jesus #1 (Vertigo Comics)
Crow #1 (IDW Publishing)
The Walking Dead #100 (Image Comics)

Punk Rock Jesus is by rising superstar Sean Murphy. If you read Joe The Barbarian you saw Sean’s stellar work. This is his solo effort and it sounds interesting. At the very least we know it’ll look good.

The Crow returns to comics. IDW has a good track record with their properties, so this should please Crow fans.

And of course, the big comic of the week is The Walking Dead #100. I don’t even read the book and I know how much of a big deal this comic is. 100 issues is impressive.

The biggest news is of course the San Diego Comic-Con. Expect lots of news towards the end of the week.

One Response
    • 100 issues is impressive given the delays that the book has faced over and over again, yet the Walking Dead has finally ambled all the way to this landmark.

      I am a fan of the Crow franchise even though I’m not a fan of the creator, so having someone else write it may draw me in. I’ll check it out.

      I may impulse buy BattleBeasts #1 when I spot it, but I’m undecided thus far. Space Punisher #1? I’ll probably skip Battle Beasts and Space Punisher in favor of picking up Bloodshot #1 which has the potential of being the only Valiant title that I’ll read for more than a few issues. 

      Jack Hammer is a good story if your shop is stocking the collection from Reasonably Priced Comics.

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