The GeeksverseFlashback Review: Bloodshot #3 (1993)

Flashback Review: Bloodshot #3 (1993)
Published on Thursday, July 12, 2012 by

Welcome back Valiant, it’s been a long time.In the 90s I was reading as many comics in lunch rooms and on buses borrowed from friends than I was buying each week. My friends were more plentiful than my allowance. I read Bloodshot on the back of the bus. I borrowed it from someone but I long since forgot who. After reading the new issue of Bloodshot from the Valiant return I wanted to remember the original comic. Apparently my back issue boxes only have one issue from the 90s #3.

Back issue bins are fun to keep memories together, but in my case with an absence of Bloodshot I only have a fuzzy memory.

So, I wanted to pause a moment from reading new comics and take a look at Bloodshot #3 (1993).

Bloodshot #3

Kevin Vanhook-writer
Don Perlin-Penciler
Chris Ivy-Inker
Jade Moede-Colorist
George Roberts Jr.-Letter
Bob Layton-Editor
Printed in Canada

Kevin Vanhook is not a household name in the industry, but he also wrote Solar: Man of the Atom. Bloodshot #3’s story was continued in Hardcorps #5 written by Bob Layton that worked as editor on many of the Valiant titles. Bloodshot had fifty one issues of his own series starting in 1993 from Valiant, but he also appeared in various other titles throughout the line up including Secret Weapons, Hard C.O.R.P.S., Rai, Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, Deathmate, and others.

His original story was somewhat succinct:  A former mobster framed by a rival mob, he was sold to the Japanese as a test subject, injected him with the Rai “Blood of Heroes”, nanites circulating in his blood, later becoming a fighting machine against evil. However it was far from simplistic. As a man without country the white skinned hero struggled to find himself. He often frequented the dark shadows of the Valiant gutters but also was familiar to the headlines and big team ups.

Bloodshot in 1993 reminded me more of Marvel’s Punisher than their Captain America.

Issue #3 opens in a sports bar with one person not paying attention to the game but instead trying to escape his concerns in “Crime Lords of Flatbush.”  The anti-hero in hiding is trying to find out who he was before the scientists worked him over.  He goes on to working over thugs in warehouses in a rough detective work trying to find his way up the food chain. Yet he doesn’t shrug off some street justice by scaring off some punks attacking a youngster.

The story is straight forward. The at is wide paneled detailed layouts peopled with dependable and proportioned shapes. The narration and text does not clutter the page. Instead the art is given room to make a statement. It all culminates in a third act fight scene that brings together the thugs and helpful hooligans.  Shadow and light the art tells the story.

Overall this is a nice early 90s comic. It is a series that I will have to track down when I’m picking up older comics  in the future. I’ll definitely be adding it to the shopping list. I’m not sure that I want to follow this character throughout the entire 90s Valiant universe, but I do want to read more.

Even though my memories are hazy I remember this character fondly, and am happy he’s returning this summer.

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