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New Crusaders SDCC Advanced Sampler
Published on Friday, July 13, 2012 by

New Crusaders has an advanced San Diego Con sampler available to promote the digital first comic coming to print in August. This is a good way for Luddites to read the book in their hand. This material and much more is available already online in the digital first release. Nothing builds a team better than a threat in superhero comics so this comic starts there.

The preview is a 12 page print comic. Where the dynamic last panel leads can be read on line–the on line subscription provides 6 pages a week for 99cents or in August in the print first issue that will be 24 pages. These first 12 pages show a quick connection between generations and future team mates.

This is not a dark, gritty, hard edged comic. Flynn said that this comic was a return to an older style of superhero in that it should be appealing to all ages. He hopes it will be friendly to younger readers without losing older readers. Flynn also pointed out that this series was trying to be respectful of the past and build on previous story ideas where possible.

The set up that makes the world building on canon possible is that the former Mighty Crusaders have mostly retired and settled down to family lives in a town together. A threat will arise from the past that will force the old guard to train a new generation. “If a creepy neighbor said to you one day, ‘hey kid, come down to my basement and I’ll do things to you to make you superhero’ most people wouldn’t say, ‘golly sure!’  This series looks at more natural reactions to the possibility of becoming a superhero.” Flynn said at the Heroes Con panel.

The focus of the first issue is to identify a threat and forestall it temporarily. The second issue will start the training of the new team. This 12 page preview shows the old threat drawing the original heroes back into action to protect the younger wards. It isn’t clear in the first 12 pages if the youngsters know their family members secret identities or not, although the mayor is hiding in plain site that he is a hero.

This story is  a fun all ages dynamic super story. It reminds me of the quality of writing found in Batman: Brave and Bold and the on-going Young Justice cartoon support book at DC comics. Both of which were fun all ages hero romps reminiscent of the titles I read as a child. Listening to Flynn this Crusaders series will have much more continuity from issue to issue than Batman: Brave and Bold making it closer related to Young Justice. Obligatory comparisons aside this title is forging ahead on its own story with a clear direction and purpose.

Despite utilizing a cast familiar to readers in the 1940s, 1960s, and other yesterdays, this book is aware of modern comic story telling principles. Gone are the text narrations of the action within the panel that discuss what the art shows. Gone are the overly formal speeches. In their place is a set of teenagers playing, talking, and moving like a diverse group of kids.

This issue was intended to be digital first with the later print follow up–in August at a comic shop near you! The page layout works well in the print form. It doesn’t look like the Garfield and Peanuts strip books that I grew up with. I am relieved that this book has a dynamic page layout that looks like any other print book and not rows of iPhone shaped panels. Luddites like me that have purposefully avoided the online version of this book will be relieved that it still looks natural on the page.

The art reminds me of X-Men Evolution with character designs that look cartoon ready. This adds to the all ages appeal as well as creates a bright and colorful super hero comic. The promotional poster image below show cases the character designs in action. This first preview issue doesn’t explore those outfits but the art is building that world.

The art and story so far makes this a true gateway for new readers by creating an all age book made for readers of all ages.

This is a book to pick up for fans old and new, young and willing. This is what the industry needs to keep new readers coming into comics.

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