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Expendables Panel at SDCC
Published on Saturday, July 14, 2012 by

While our thoughts go out to Sylvester Stallone over the death of his son, the headline I want to focus on is the Expendables panel. Stallone appeared to discuss the upcoming military action film.

SDCC is more than just comic books. Many action movies even outside of the comic genre make announcements, do premier showings, poll audiences, and work the crowd in general. Some detractors have complained that SDCC is losing its comic book based roots with all of the Hollywood hype and glitz in recent years. Perhaps it is a shift indicative of fans of comic book character properties getting their hero fix from movies rather than reading. Irregardless SDCC is a big stop for action movies, and Expendables took time to bring in two of its biggest stars to greet the crowds and talk to the fans.

Expendables is a para-military team doing covert missions around the world. It has been compared to G.I. Joe, A-Team, and every action movie from the 70s-80s. The first movie hit theaters alongside of G.I. Joe and A-Team, but the sequel will be the only flick of the three this summer not that Joe is pushed back. Promoting the film both Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger took the stage at the convention. Joined by Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren, the action stars fielded questions and shared stories about their experiences making the Avengers of old-school action movies.

  • Sly Versus Arnie  The two action stars briefly compared body counts in good natured ribbing.
  • He’s Back After eight years away from acting, to govern Californa, Schwarzenegger has returned to the action genre, and it sounds like he couldn’t be happier.  He said he was able to get out his aggression and cut off heads, something he’s wanted to do in politics.
  • A Young Terry Crews Meets Arnold Crews shared a story that really put his experience on the panel into perspective. For his first movie, he starred alongside Schwarzenegger in “The 6th Day.”
  • Not Quite “The Dependables”“The Expendables” has a quality that Stallone describes as “male-pattern badass.” The age of the members of the panel came up several times during questioning, but everyone took it in stride.
  • Muscle Mass Stallone and Schwarzenegger discussed staying huge at their age. 
  • No Velcro Muscles Stallone explained why he felt that the action genre needed this all-star meet-up, because velcro muscles have taken over action, referring to the superheroes and CGI-enhanced tough guys of today. What Stallone always wanted for “Expendables” was a more tangible action flick

G.I. Joe may be pushed back to next summer, but Expendables will debut after Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Batman Rises all hit the box office. For more Expendables action before the sequel hits, check out the first on DVD and pick up the Chuck Dixon penned movie prequel comics.

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