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Published on Saturday, July 14, 2012 by

Today was the IDW panel at SDCC and they announced some new series and one of them is My Little Pony?

IDW’s panel was done in the style of a late night talk show, complete with musical guest. Alan Robert was the music and Chris Ryall (IDW’s Chief Creative Officer) and Dirk Wood (IDW’s Vice-President of Marketing) were the hosts. Guest included: Brea Grant, Bobby Curnow (editor), Duane Swierczynski, Zane Grant, Zach Howard, John Shirley

Ryall opened up the panel with a monologue and jokes.

“Periodically, throughout the panel, I’ll update you about what’s going on in other panels. In fact, I hear right now, DC is rebooting their entire universe again.” Among other changes, “Aquaman will now be straight.”

“Rob Liefeld has announced six new books—those are twelve feet you’ll never seen. Oops, sorry Rob, those books have been canceled.”

Ryall also said that Alan Moore had fired off a 40 page angry e-mail to DC but since all e-mails sent to DC were the property of DC, they are announcing a 12 issue mini-series adaption of the e-mail titled Alan Moore: Before Xanax”.

Swiercyznski talked about Godzilla and Judge Dredd joking that his Dredd didn’t wear a helmet and had long flowing blonde hair and blue eyes. He said that the series plays to his strengths as a crime writer. Nelson Daniel will be doing the opening 16 pages of each issue with Paul Gulacy and Jim Starlin doing the first two back-up stories.

Curnow talked about his Battle Beasts book.

He also mentioned that Kevin Eastman will be illustrating a 48-page Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles annual for later this year.

“Rise Of The Foot Clan” will be a mini-series out later this year showing how the Shredder rose to power and came to the modern day. It’s written by Mattheus Santalouco with art by Eric Burnham.

John Shirley talked about the new Crow series he is writing as well as the Zombies vs Robots prose novella he will be doing. Shirley is a singer for Blue Oyster Cult and Ryall asked him who has better groupies, comic fans or musicians. Shirley said “Looking around this convention, there are some very giving people.”

Brother and sister team of Brea and Zane Grant were up next to talk about their project “Let’s Play God” which will be drawn by Eric J. They said that the book is a fun slasher book about an all-girl punk band.

Alan Robert joined them in performing “The Killogy 3″. Robert talked about Killogy and how it was inspired by famous guests of The Twilight Zone.

Zach Howard talked about the Kickstarter campaign for his new book, written by Mike Raicht, Wild Blue Yonder.

(Editor’s Note, we interviewed Zach awhile back and he let us see some art from Wild Blue Yonder and talked about the book, check it out here)

The panel ended with Ryall mentioning some of the upcoming books from IDW:
-Peter Beagle’s “A Fine And Secret Place”
-JM Dematteis’ “The Adventures of Augusta Wind”
-Steve Niles & Menton3’s “Transfusion”
-Kevin Eastman, Joe Pearson and Tom Waltz’s “Lost Angels” (with Simon Bisley covers)
-A new series from Chris Ryall and Sam Keith

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    • I’ll pass on My Little Pony. I’ll pick up all thing Turtles. Did they make any reference to the idea of streamlining down to one title a property? That was mentioned at an earlier convention but doesn’t seem to be taking shape yet. I wonder if they’ve left that idea behind or if it was mentioned with more detail here. 

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