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Digital First He-Man Switch
Published on Sunday, July 15, 2012 by is again reporting He-Man comic oddities. DC Comics Digital First comic-issue #2 “Man-At-Arms” is now available at DC Entertainment and Comixology!

Apparently DC decided to switch the order of Battle Cat-issue with Man-At-Arms issue the last minute. The last minute decision has left the blurb advertising the wrong comic: “Dive into the secret history of how Prince Adam’s trusted companion, Cringer, became the fearsome ally of He-Man known as Battle Cat!”

Cover by Jhermey Raapack

Written by Mike Costa

Art by Jheremy Raapack

Colored by Carrie Strachan

An order switch last minute before publication is an interesting snafu. On the heels of a writer change in the six part limited series happening abruptly, and the next print comic being held until September, signs are not favorable for this comic. Skeletor must be disrupting something in the bullpen this time around.



4 Responses
    • How long before DC loses this license?  It needs to go to IDW.  They  would know how to handle it.

      •  Personally, I want IDW handling all of the properties of my child hood.

        I doubt they’ll pick up other series that had comics with Marvel like Biker Mice From Mars and Bucky O’Hare, but since stranger things have happened I’d be root for them at IDW too.

        • With Hama working for IDW, I could see Bucky O’Hare happening.

          •  I won’t take time to look it up at the moment, but I believe that Hama has said he doubts he’ll ever write Bucky O’Hare again given the nature of his relationship with Marvel. I’m not quite sure who owns that property, but yes, it would be fun to see Hama do that again. I’d be fine with him taking a hiatus from the Real American Hero title and working on O’Hare for a while.

            If Bruce Timm isn’t going to work on He-Man and write a comic that could be turned into a cartoon (hint, hint) then DC doesn’t need this property.


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