The Geeksverse“Avenge Us.”-Scarlet

“Avenge Us.”-Scarlet
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Mainframe is still a bit creepy, but that is overshadowed by the impossible situation Scarlett, Mainframe, Stalker, and the small group finds themselves in in the Cobra mine with Vipers closing in on all fronts.The last line of Scarlet sounds ominous but makes sense in their given situation, “Avenge us.”

The Retaliation prequel comic has ended. Hama’s A Real American Hero is still peopled with blue cyborg ninjas. The movie is postponed. Renegades is gone. To me, that leaves the IDW three title story line to be the best most regular dose of story by Mike Costa and Chuck Dixon. This story has been action packed in the past several seasons. Mainframe seems to be the creepy dose of a love story attempted within this series.

While I understand why Mainframe is hung up on Scarlet, I’m not quite sure I understand her reaction to him in the underground bunker. He grabs her and kisses her in full movie moment fashion. In some instances that is a sexual assault. In this case it is apparently an acceptable.

What happens to this love story in the future when they live? What happens when Snake Eyes triumphantly returns to the Joes? Full on love triangle surrounded by an action packed military unit story.

I’m still surprised that Lighthorse is still alive and joining missions. I’ve been expecting him to be Sgt. DiesontheBeach. Maybe when they touch down at the mine he’ll finally get his.

I feel no tension expecting a bad end for the names that I have known since child hood.

GI Joe #15
‘Deep Terror, part 3!’ DEEP TERROR rumbles on! Scarlett and Team Bravo are on the loose in a COBRA mining operation, miles beneath the surface of the Earth, with no chance of escape. In this issue they uncover the objective of Dr. Mindbender’s subterranean search: a rare element that will allow COBRA to change the world forever. And that’s NOT Good!

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Wil Rosado
Letter: Neil Uyetake

Meanwhile, back in Larry Hama’s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #180 the story worked better than I expected. I would like a pause from blue cyborg ninjas, but that clearly is not going to happen. S.L. Gallant is still my favorite Joe artist and this Where’s Waldo of background characters only reinforces that.

GI Joe A Real American Hero #180
In this special issue of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, G.I. JOE goes to SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL! After being provided with pivotal information, G.I. JOE travel to San Diego in order to stop a plot to exchange nuclear clearance codes within the confines of the SDCC. Will G.I. JOE save the day in time? You can’t miss this convention-tastic issue of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero!

Writer: Larry Hama
Artist: S.L. Gallant

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