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SoA @ SDCC’12
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Outside of comics SDCC also covers television, movies, and popular magazines. One of the television shows returning to the panels list at SDCC was Sons of Anarchy. SoA cast members made an appearance at the Maxim party earlier in the weekend. The cast did booth signings as well. However, the most information about next season comes out in the panels.

SOA, Fringe, Supernatural and Doctor Who panels are all covered by the Un-Official SDCC blog.

Fringe – Tears were shed, standing ovations were had, and classy fedoras were given out at the show’s final panel ever. There was also a trailer for the upcoming season that they actually filmed during the previous one to convince Fox to renew it, and the panel revealed the new season will jump ahead to the year 2036 when the Observers have taken over the world.

Supernatural – They haven’t even started shooting the new season yet, but the panel was very news heavy as they revealed some key plot points that fans were dying to know. Here’s a rundown: Dean won’t be in purgatory long, purgatory will be mostly in flashbacks, Sam might get a romantic interest,
and the creative forces are getting away from heavy mythology and aiming for over-arching mythology that will last in future seasons.

Doctor Who – The chance to see the cast together for the final time drew hoards of fans to Hall H and it was hard to leave anything but happy. Clips from upcoming episodes were screened and some awesome new info was revealed. Get ready for dinosaurs in the second episode, the wild west in the third, and every generation of Daleks packing into the next season.

Sons of Anarchy – A tease for the upcoming season was shown but as someone with absolutely zero knowledge of the show.

BuzzFocus has a more complete rundown of Sons of Anarchy season 5 based in information from the panel.

 Jackson Teller has the juice now. That is clear from the poster. It has been a story that has developed over the past four seasons even though it was paused slightly by the abduction of Abel by the Irish which aligned Jax and Clay temporarily.

In the Season 4 finale, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) became the rightful swinger of the church’s gavel, part of an iconic scene that we’ve all been waiting for since the series revved its engines for the first time. Now that he’s king, that can only mean that Clay (Ron Perlman) is out.

This poster shows that in both figurative and literal fashion. Newly minted as club president following Clay’s unimaginable transgressions, Jax stands coolly in the middle of bike-mounted SAMCRO (all in circular formation forming the “O” in “SOA”), while Clay finds himself bikeless and outside on the perimeter. It reminds me of Meet the Parents where Jack (Robert DiNero) put Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) outside of the circle of trust. With Clay killing Piney and attempting to take out Tara (Maggie Siff), not only is he out, but his days are likely numbered as well.

I also find it interesting that Gemma (Katey Sagal) is one of those still on the perimeter. She did do her best to distance herself from Clay’s foolish actions (even though she egged him on at times), but she’s not exactly in good standing with Jax. You can also expect a full-on battle with Tara, who is now the club’s First Old Lady. Gemma is positioned symmetrically opposite of Tara and that only supports the notion that these two will have beef.

The cast of SOA will be on-hand at Comic-Con for another raucous panel on Sunday.

BuzzFocus also provides a look at the poster that makes Jax’s role clear in season 5.

Season 5 will debut on FX in September. Season 4 hits DVD and Blu-Ray in late August having it ready for a marathon re-watch before the show comes roaring back onto FX.

If that isn’t enough SoA information to tide you over until September then check out BuzzFocus’ photo coverage of ComiCon. If you need spoilers, then check out the dissection of how Season 5 opens. If you need an Ashley Tisdale fix, then look to season 5 of SoA which picks up the former Disney star as a cast member.  TheLoveYouMake is linking the Youtube video of the panel from this year’s SDCC. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until September 11th and tune into FX to find out what happens next in this motorcycle soap opera.




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