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Captain Marvel #1
Published on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 by

Carol Danvers is back in a new series and with a new name.

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by: Dexter Soy
Lettered by: VC's Joe Caramagna
Cover by: A- Ed McGuinness w/ Dexter Vines & Javier Rodriguez; B- Adi Granov; C- Paolo Rivera
Assistant Editor: Ellie Pyle
Associate Editor: Sana Amanat
Editor: Stephen Wacker

There’s alot to like about this comic and alot not to like. There are some good moments and some moments that make it look like a half-assed/thrown together effort.

I’m going to start off by saying that I don’t buy into the theory that a female writer should write female characters. I don’t think it makes any difference what the sex of the writer is. A good writer will write good characters. And there’s nothing in this issue that makes it stand out as any different then Carol Danvers has been portrayed before. What I mean is, she’s always been a great character, handled pretty well by different writers and now that there’s a female writer on the title it isn’t any different.

That being said, DeConnick throws in some nice moments and they’re mostly just background ones, not the main plot. Captain America joking that he’s always tried to get Carol Danvers demoted is funny. Carol’s comments about her raising the temperature by being in the room, that was nice and it’s something that should be explored in more books. These people have super powers, we know what the active aspects of those are, but what are the passive? Carol runs hot because of her powers. That’s interesting. That should be explored more and with other characters as well.

But there are some bad moments as well. Moments where the dialogue, decent for the most part, becomes clunky and cringe-worthy. Moments where the story kind of stutters along, not flowing. And some “huh” moments, where things aren’t right. For a book that has three levels of editorial, how did they miss that the Avengers don’t know Spider-Man’s secret identity? He takes his mask off in front of her. They don’t know his identity.

And Spider-Man and Ms (Captain) Marvel are members of the New Avengers, they hang out in Avengers Mansion, not the Tower. But then this probably takes place after AvX, so is this a bit of foreshadowing?

The issue misses a golden opportunity as well, one that would have made more sense then the reason given. Captain America urges her to take the Captain Marvel name, saying that the new costume makes it a good time to make the change. Didn’t she just run into Mar-Vell in the pages of Secret Avengers? Shouldn’t that have had some influence? More then just a costume change. But there’s no mention of that. What a waste.

I think a different artist would have helped this out big time. Soy’s work is messy. Carol is ugly in most scenes and what is up with the hair? It’s hard to pin down just what is going on with the hair when she’s in costume because when she’s out of costume it’s normal. But overall Soy’s work doesn’t flow well. The characters are oddly out of proportion. It’s not the style that will make this book shine, which is a shame.

Captain Marvel has the ingredients to be a great book. It’s close but just not there yet.

Captain Marvel #1 receives
3.5 out of 5

6 Responses
    • That costume is just fugly (at least in the attached picture).

      • I’m fairly certain that the design’s a deliberate conflation of the late 1970s Ms. Marvel costume (itself a feminized version of the Kree Captain Marvel’s superhero duds) and Marvelman’s costume (known as Miracleman to most American readers), with the Warbird-style sash belt thrown on. 

        It looks a little nondescript, but I prefer it over the black one-piece swimsuit and thigh-high, spike-heeled boots Carol Danvers has been wearing the past several years. It’s certainly less “stripper-y” and more “captain-y” in appearance.

        It’s the fauxhawk that sort of bugs me about the design. The fauxhawk is the mullet of the early 21st century: its use instantly dates the character.

        •  The fauxhawk is very weird.  As Captain Marvel she has it, but as Carol Danvers she does not.  Ever since first saw the pictures, I’ve wondered why they’ve gone with that style.

          The sash is used as a weapon in the comic.  It’s made by Tony Stark and designed to be impermable.  She chokes Absorbing Man with it until he passes out.

          • I wonder if the fauxhawk is supposed to remind us of the crest that Captain Mar-vell had on his original Kree military uniform.

    • I see the blend of costumes. It’s still fugly.

      • I just saw how the costume was rendered in the interior art. I agree, with the mask/headsock combo thing going on, yeah, it’s not looking very good.

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