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Batman Beyond Unlimited # 6
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Dark Knight Rises in theaters and Batman Beyond is still showing the future.  While this issue is still missing what I truly want from this series it is a good read that fans of non-52-continuity comics should pick up.I’m largely avoiding the last reboot. I have friends that love it, but I’m still staying away. Batman Beyond loosely follows the cartoon but with a new tone and darker direction. Set 50 years in the future of whenever now is, Batman Beyond is the future of any and all DC continuities.

I want two things from Batman Beyond: 1) be an all ages gateway for new readers and 2) introduce a wider cast of characters outside of Gotham and Metropolis. The tone of this book is tailored to fans of the late 90s show that grew up after the three seasons went off  the air. It has more grit than the cartoon could muster. While I wouldn’t mind an all ages title along the lines of Young Justice that could explore the continuity of the three seasons and be an all ages book, this title, Batman Beyond Unlimited, is a grimmer direction. Even in that darker future new characters should be introduced.

This issue has three stories jammed together. Each is a continuation from earlier issues. The line up shifting order, this book opens with the Superman vs Lex’s daughter story by writer JT Krul, pencils by Howard Porter, Letters by Saida Temofonte, and inks by John Livesay. The last page reveal is unexpected and sets up an interesting pair up next issue.

This book has ads mid-story but not where they are needed. Story A and B should be separated by something besides a staple. On the last page of story A Superman is beaten in rubble trying to raise up from his knees. On the right side of the staple the Kryptonian is on his feet trying to take on Darksaid head to head.  The Konstriction story is in chapter 7 in issue 6? The Prophets of Ophidia is written by Derek Fridolfs & Dustin Nguyen, pencils by Dustin Nguyen, inks by Derek Fridolfs, colors by Randy Mayor, and letters by Saida Temofonte. This also has a healthy dose of Jack Kirby influence with Kobra cultists and other worldly cast members.

Again nothing separates the B and C stories. The 1000 Jokerz story is on going.  Batman Beyond, back in Gotham, is still trying to find Dana Tan’s brother and fight off a variety of Jokerz.

While I may have to track down back issues of the 1999 cartoon relevant all ages books to satisfy my own need for a cartoony all ages book, this dark and gritty world is fun thus far. I’m glad that I keep picking it up.  Those 24 issues beginning in 1999 were fun but can be hard to track down at a comic shop near me, so I may have to wait until I can hit another local convention to fill in my desires.  The 1999 beginning series had  writer Hilary J.  Bader with a compliment of artists that were immolating the cartoons.

These stories are in print for the first time after appearing online.

• With BRUCE WAYNE hospitalized, terrorists strike at Gotham City!

• THE LEAGUE returns from APOKOLIPS in defeat and must prepare for

a last stand against KOBRA!

Batman Beyond Unlimited #7
New digital-first adventures!
• The War for Apokolips begins, and Aquagirl’s origin is revealed!
• The Joker King gathers his army, and Terry makes a shocking discovery!
• Clark Kent searches for his place in the City of Tomorrow!
On Sale: August 29, 2012
Batman Beyond Unlimited #8
Written by: Adam Beechen, J.T. Krul, Dustin Nguyen, Derek Fridolfs
Art: Dustin Nguyen, Derke Fridolfs, Howard Porter, Norm Breyfogle
Cover by: Dustin Nguyen
Pages: 48
On Sale Date:  Sep 19 2012
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