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Young Justice # 18 & 3 Pack Fun
Published on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 by

This week was a good week for the non-52 continuity heroes. The cartoon continuity tie in book, #18, was a good read and I picked up the 3 Pack Fun for $16.00 at TRU. Both were good, but one leaves me wanting more.As a fan of the Dini/Timm continuity DC Universe and as a fan of the Peter David/Todd Nauck Young Justice it took me a few episodes to really fall in love with the new Young Justice, but at the moment it is a favorite on my monthly comic reading list. One of the reasons that I fell in love with this cartoon/comic combo is because this is a great gateway for new readers.   This all ages comic has an interesting comic grammar because the time line is manipulated to fit into the cartoon continuity instead of being a free standing story line.

Young Justice #18 builds characterization off of a line that Superboy first uttered in the fourth episode of season 1, “I hate monkeys.”  It is a phrase that he utters less than “Oh Megan” from Miss Martian but one that seems rooted in the genomes that brain washed him in the season 1 premiere.

In issue #18 the monkeys that Superboy hates is gorilla sized.

Mallah, Ultra-Humanite, and Grodd round out a gorilla packed issue. Brain has a plan. Young Justice is going to try to stop them. Grodd seems to have other ideas. It is a fun script that is appropriate for fans of all ages coupled with great art that captures the cartoon vibe in still panels.

This is a must read for fans of all ages and a great comic to give to fans of the tv show.

Additionally this week I finally picked up the 3 Pack Fun version of Young Justice on DVD. It is 3 discs in one slim case.This collects the cartoon episodes in order. These episodes are available in season 1 vol1, vol 2. and vol 3 sold separately packages. I bought this collection on the go this past weekend without really thinking it through or doing much research into the DVD set. 3 discs and 13 episodes for 16 bucks seemed like a good buy. And it is.

Unfortunately, this season was more than 13 episodes, which means I will need to buy the last installment when it becomes available to purchase. That will make it a slimmer collection than my X-Men: Evolution seasons, but not nearly as neat as the full season sets that I prefer. Hopefully the next disc will have the completed season up through the 26th episode.  According to TVShowsOnDVD the next selection will be available today on 7-24-2012. The next release will have 13 episodes. It should finish up the season so I may have to pick up sooner rather than later.


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