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G.I. Joe, Cobra, and Snake Eyes #15
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The Real American Hero may be invading SDCC to follow Cobra operatives in a visually fun story, but in IDW’s three book continuity the Joes are still trying to find their feet and fight back against the overwhelming Cobra. Cobra fans rejoice because Cobra is still clearly winning.

G.I. Joe #15 shows Scarlett and company trying to gain ground in the mine shaft. The elite team is finally showing some staying power except that the situation seems dire. Scarlett’s last line sums up the comic, “Avenge Us.” Mainframe is still creepy as a stalker that is setting up a problematic love triangle when Snake Eyes inevitably returns.

Cobra #15 brings a new take on an older character. This series is doing a nice job bringing in names of characters that are familiar to long time Joe fans and give them an entire new design, purpose, and story. In the Cobra title the small group of covert Joes is working on tips from the only remaining twin. They pick up the son of the former Cobra Commander who seemingly has abandoned his father’s path for one of his own. It is a great moment when Billy is comparing the two female Joes to the world of his father.

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #15 continues the dual time lines. The sword brothers have an alliance that may not be what Storm Shadow wants. Even when confronted with Zartan’s continued life, Storm Shadow doesn’t seem to be facing facts. His emotions are leading the way in a very non-ninja manner. The flashbacks to training are always fun. Honestly, I’ll rave about this title as long as it keeps the ninjas busy and away from being the saving force every time the Joe team gets into a jam. I’ve read super-ninja-saves-the-day too often in Joe titles over the years.

It is a good month for Joe fans.

Outside of the 3 title continuity, Joe is still feeling the camp.  A Real American Hero delved into the wild visual world of SDCC. The story works better than some may have feared. Danger Girl is a good first issue for fans of Joe but is probably leaving Danger Girl fans wanting more than just the last page reveal on Abbey Chase.

August looks like another solid month for G.I. Joe fans. It is a good time to be back in the Joe comic fandom.

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