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Line wide DC Crossover in 2013?
Published on Thursday, July 26, 2012 by

During SDCC, Dan DiDio gave an interview with and hinted at a line wide crossover for the New 52

You can read the full interview with DiDio and Jim Lee at

We’re leading to probably our first crossover event in the latter half of next year, but you’re going to see a better continuity developing through the line

Could this be the Trinity War, which was originally billed as a Justice League story? Or something else entirely?

The part about better continuity is a bit funny though, because the New 52 is only a year old and the titles were all started at the same time, there should be no continuity issues at all. It should have been mapped out at the beginning, but anyone that reads any of the DC titles knows that continuity is a big issue in the New 52.

Is this going to be a Zero Hour for the New 52?

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    • Isn’t the entire 52 reboot a line wide cross-over? Aren’t they connected? I suppose this is trying to say the characters are going to interact on a wide scale. Perhaps they’ll revisit Bloodlines from the late 90s and bring in the alien threat.

      • Yeah. It’s kind of weird since the New 52 is supposed to be very connected but it’s got major continuity issues.  Shouldn’t those have been fixed before the first issue was published?

        •  This is why I read Batman Beyond Unlimited and Young Justice. They exist outside of those continuity concerns of the rest of the company. As long as they are left alone I’m fine and happy reading my corners of the DC universe.

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