The Geeksverse‘Beware The Batman’ Toned Down

‘Beware The Batman’ Toned Down
Published on Friday, July 27, 2012 by

The Aurora tragedy affects another member of the Batfamily as it’s reported the new cartoon will be toned down.

‘Beware The Batman’ is the newest Batman cartoon set to debut on Cartoon Network in 2013. Variety is reporting that in the wake of the Aurora shoots, the producers and Warner Bros have decided to change some elements of the upcoming cartoon. The article goes on to say that this won’t be cheap.

Variety says that WB Animation executive VP Sam Register made the changes on his own and was not pressued by higher-ups. The full amount of changes are unknown but it is known that the guns depicted in the show will go from rounded barrels to square and other changes to make them more sci-fi and not realistic.

These changes are not considered to affect the launch date of the show which will air in the DC Nation Block on Cartoon Network.

2 Responses
    • A sci-fi vibe would fit the trailer’s look well. I don’t like the look of this cartoon so far, but other animated styles have grown on me in the past after a few episodes so I’d give it a try. While I don’t want to be insensitive, but I hate to see changes made quickly. 

    • Still don’t want to be insensitive, because the Colorado shooting was a tragedy, but I don’t think the theater should be torn down. Some of the bereaved family members are asking that the theater be demolished. They are reportedly upset that it is going to reopen. The theater where the shooting took place has been remodeled with a bigger screen and less seats and will reopen soon. The theater is offering to let the families in for a memorial before the theater reopens. Surely that is enough. Tear it down? I just don’t understand.

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