The GeeksverseCasey Jones: TMNT Micro-Series #6

Casey Jones: TMNT Micro-Series #6
Published on Friday, July 27, 2012 by

The hockey mask wearing vigilante sidekick of the Turtles gets a one-shot. What makes the IDW Jones tick?

Published by: IDW Publishing
Written by: Mike Costa & Ben Epstein
Art by: Mike Henderson
Colored by: Ian Herring
Lettered by: Shawn Lee
Cover by: A- David Petersen; B- Mike Henderson w/ Ian Herring
Editor: Bobby Curnow

I like that IDW is extending the micro-series to include more of the supporting cast and not just the Turtles. I’ve always like Casey Jones. There’s just something about a guy with very little training that goes out and beats up thugs using nothing but sports equipment. The true “everyman” vigilante. Casey could really be anyone.

This issue looks pretty in-depth at the IDW version of the character. IDW has made him a lot younger then other versions and I’m okay with that. When he was first introduced, Casey was shown to be a tough-as-nails vigilante but when he was home, he got (and allowed it) beaten by his father. Why would he let that happen. This issue explains it.

And it’s a pretty twisted explanation. Twisted but sad. His mother’s dying wish was that Casey be the strong one, but not to let his father know he was. I don’t think his mother meant for that to involve Casey letting his father beat him.

But it says alot about who Casey is that he allows it to happen. Just how strong a person is he? Casey Jones, in prior versions of the Turtles, has always been somewhat borderline psychotic. Just how borderline is this new version?

This issue was pretty strong but the art didn’t help it. Henderson showed flashes of solid work here and there, but alot of it wasn’t as strong. Some parts were hard to follow and characters started looking alike, even Casey’s mother started looking like the male characters. Casey’s appearance changed a couple of times. The scenes at the hospital, he looked like a completely different character.

TMNT Micro-Series: Casey Jones receives:
4 out of 5

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