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How many issues can be devoted to this fight?
Published on Friday, July 27, 2012 by

Splinter squaring off against the Foot and Shredder is a fight that fans have been waiting for for a year, but how many issues can be devoted to this fight?One of three covers for #12It looks like the answer is three. Splinter was abducted a few issues ago but started this fight in the last issue of the main title, it was continued past and present into the Microseries Splinter issues, and is now resolved in the regular series.  Three issues seems excessive, but they make it work. More would have been too much.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 12 closes the first  year of this title on a bang and pow. This year the turtles, Shredder, Hob, Krang, Baxter Stockman, and the Purple Dragons were all introduced in a new way that paid homage to stories in the past but kept the new story fresh and distinct.

Story: Kevin Eastman & Tom Waltz
Script: Tom Waltz
Art: Dan Duncan
Colors: Ronda Pattison
Letters: Shawn Lee
Editor: Bobby Curnow

Besides marking the one year mark and 12th issue, this is also Dan Duncan’s last issue on art duties. He has a goodbye in the ninja notes letters page. Duncan’s style isn’t one that I would want to see in all human casted books, but because the character designs range from turtle to cat to rock soldier it stays distinct. The style also pays tribute to the older Laird and Eastman comics from Mirage Studios.

Five pages of this comic focuses on Splinter and Shredder squaring off. Afterward the turtles and a stray dragon goes to work on the various bad guys. The fight scene is well orchestrated, easy to read, and clear.  This is a well done ninja fight scene from IDW who has had success with ninja books recently.

This title has proven in the past year that the Turtle concept still has potential. This has been a successful reboot. It has told a nice story on time and without cutting corners. The sales seem to be holding steady which also pays tribute to this story having an audience. Perhaps the foundations aren’t that limited. They have found a way to bring in as many mutants as needed, a wide cast of characters quickly but interconnected, and told a nice story. Sure, it has aliens, but not in a lets-throw-out-the-Mutant-Ninja but instead in a way that makes sense.

Comparing this #12 to other #12s from the TMNT archives, this one still holds up fairly well. Perhaps it is too early to decide if this is the best TMNT series ever, but it is off to a great start.

In 2003 Peter Laird was writing about  Utroms, dinosaurs, and vampires. In Archie aliens were invading with the crazy flair of the Archie run.

A great comic series and a good toy line back on the shelves?  This is a good time to be a fan.

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