The GeeksverseMarvel Reveals New Captain America Costume

Marvel Reveals New Captain America Costume
Published on Friday, July 27, 2012 by

Over at MTV Geek, Marvel has revealed the new John Cassaday and Jerome Opena designed look.

Captain America’s costume hasn’t changed in a very long time. Steve Rogers has worn different outfits (Nomad, The Captain, Commander Rogers) but the Captain America costume has looked the same even when others wore it (John Walker). But with Marvel Now! coming in the wake of Avengers Vs X-Men, a lot of characters are getting new looks and the first in-depth view we get is of Captain America.

Check out MTV Geek to read the interview with Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort as he talks about the new design.

4 Responses
    • It looks good although I’m not normally a fan of “realistic superheroes,” (an oxymoron if there ever was one). It definitely looks more tactical than anything he’s been draped in (including the Ultimate Captain America costume) but I think it will only really work as a “realistic update” of the original design if they also go with a more muted and less saturated color scheme. If they stick with the bright reds and blues, it will just end up looking somewhat incongruous (which is how I felt about the Captain America movie costume design from The Avengers).

      •  I HATED the Cap costume from the Avengers. I did like Caps costume from his movie.  I like this new one, but yeah, the colors need to be toned down for it to work.

        •  The Avengers Cap costume movie was inferior to the First Avenger Cap costume. I liked the costume at the end of movie when the mask comes off it looks better that way. In a world where everyone knows Steve Rogers is Captain America how important is the mask anyway?

          Since the Captain America title isn’t mixed up in AvX will this uniform be used in that comic as well or strictly in Avengers?

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