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Cap America #15
Published on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 by

Meh. This comic traverses familiar territory. It sets up a new story arc using the foundation of the last story arc but overall it is lack luster.The discussion of heroism and the role of Captain America in the modern world is nice. It is a familiar discussion from iteration after iteration of this comic and character. Perhaps at the end of this arc I will be able to look back and realize that it is subtly different than any Captain America come before, but at the moment it is feeling overly familiar.

Positive Points:

  • Nice cover
  • Diamondback and Sharon nipping at each other verbally
  • Hydra
  • Future Hydra
  • new villains that are forgettable but provide action

Overall this is a comic that I don’t recommend turning the car around to go back after if you missed it.I hope you saved your $3.99.

Ed Brubaker adn Cullen Bunn writers

Scott Eaton Penciler

Rick Magyar Inker

2 Responses
    • Yeah, this felt a little “been there, done that”.  I understand where Brubaker is going with this.  It’s his last arc and he wants to do a story that shows how valid Captain America is in today’s world.

      • I have no problem accepting that Cap is relevant. In fact a story that focuses on that seems almost redundant. It is enjoyable overall.


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