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Legend of Oz Wild West #4 &5
Published on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 by

If you’ve missed this comic, then ask your local comic shop retailer to help you find it. This book is nailing the western tropes. It is also resetting the familiar story well without being completely predictable. In short, it is a great book.

Full disclaimer: I still have yet to pick up issues #2 and 3. I loved #1 but read it late. I held off reading #4 until I found the missing issues, but then gave up and read it with #5. Even skipping two issues, these last two were enjoyable.I still need to pick up the missing issues and may have to turn to online resources.

Tom Hutchison, Writer

Alisson Borges, Artist

Kate Finnegan, Colorist

In #4 Gale finally makes it to the Emerald City, but several trials are included on the yellow brick road. This is a nice story of survival. It fits well in the Western styled world set up in this comic.

#5 sets Gale after an errand for Oz in order to earn a way home. That does not set well with the Witch.

The story reset makes sense as a whole. The secondary re-creation is well done. This is a well orchestrated western. Retelling this story as a western is great variety for anyone else burned out on modern superhero stories clogging the comic shop shelves.

Besides the great Gale story, I am curious about the relationship between the flying monkeys gorillas and the witch. These visually interesting slaves are also interesting because they are both resistant and obedient.

Besides the great story this also has great art.

This is one of the greatest books I’ve read recently. It is a new take on an old favorite world and works well. The sixth installment hits shelves in August. This is still a great time to catch up, so check with your local comic shop or hit the Big Dog online store. If you’re looking for strong innovative stories, also check out Rob Anderson’s Rex, Zombie Killer from Big Dog.

See you on the yellow brick road!


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