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Hawkeye #1
Published on Friday, August 3, 2012 by

Hawkeye gets another new series, this one courtesy of Matt Fraction and David Aja.

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: Matt Fraction
Art by: David Aja
Colored by: Matt Hollingsworth
Lettered by: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by: A- David Aja w/ Matt Hollingsworth; B- Adi Granov; C- Pasqual Ferry w/ Matt Hollingsworth
Associate Editor: Sana Amanat
Editor: Stephen Wacker

I’m a Hawkeye fan. My favorite Marvel character. I really enjoyed Jim McCann’s fairly recent takes on Hawkeye. I thought McCann nailed the character. I’ve been very disappointed with Remender’s version in Secret Avengers as well as other recent appearances. I felt that they were forgetting most of Hawkeye’s history. Hawkeye is every bit the leader that Captain America is except with different personality. Hawkeye’s on par, in the Avengers, with Iron Man and Thor. He may not be one of Marvel’s Trinity (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America), but he’s just as valuable and as experienced as they are.

And I’m not saying that as a fan, it’s there in his history.

So it was with mixed feelings that I approached this book. I hoped Fraction could do Hawkeye justice, but I was also leery considering how Clint’s been portrayed recently.

I still have mixed feelings.

I have to start off by saying that I loved the tone of this series, I loved seeing Hawkeye in a more street level playing field. I liked seeing him outside the Avengers. I thought Fraction nailed Hawkeye’s personality.

But, and it’s a big but, the threat in this issue is something that Hawkeye would have had no trouble dealing with. And parts of it didn’t really work. He falls onto a car and breaks alot of bones, why isn’t he in a private room at Avengers Tower with special doctors checking him out? He’s an Avenger after all. And Hawkeye wouldn’t just fall like that. He’s too good. He’s too experienced.

The Russian mobsters? They would have been no threat to Clint. He should have been able to take them out with no issues.

I know that changes the tone of this story, which is why I’m torn.

The story was good. Clint’s personality was there. I liked the street level nature of it. It was just a dumbed down Hawkeye.

I’m going to stick with the series and hope that Fraction can really do Hawkeye good. He’s got part of the charater down.

The other thing about this issue I really liked was Aja’s art. So far I’d only seen Aja’s covers and I loved his design sense. This was my first look at interior pages and I liked what I saw. The pages aren’t that far from normal in their layout but there’s just enough Aja to make them stand out a bit. Reminds me a lot of Michael Lark’s work. Aja excels at the street level stuff and he shines throughout this issue.

Hawkeye #1 receives
4 out of 5

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