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Biker Mice From Mars Rumor
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The internet is a world wide web or rumors and half truths sometimes. So, I will readily disclaim that this may be more speculation than news, but my inner fan can’t keep quiet about it either way! Biker Mice From Mars animated movie in 2013?If this is bogus we shouldn’t have to wait long for 2013 to debunk it. If this is legit, then it will be awesome soon!

Looking at Biker Mice From Mars on IMDB to see how many seasons were shown in Europe I spotted an irregularity.  IMDB listed the original 1993+ series shown in America, the 2006 series that only showed briefly and incompletely on 4KidsTV in the US, and a 2013 animated movie. Other than the IMDB listing, not much information is listed elsewhere on the internet. In fact, like this hopeful post most are repeating information found on IMDB. The info has crossed over into other related fandoms, like TMNT, are spreading the rumor. is showing off the video game highlights as if it is a trailer?  BikerMice.TV is moot on the subject and clearly has not been updated in a while.

Biker Mice From Mars roared onto screens after the green ninjas captured the imagination of children everywhere. However, this show is unfairly lumped into the category of being only a clone of the sewer dwellers. The timing, the animorphic characters, and the toys may hint to being a clone, but the biker bros were more than that. They had a well developed story set, secondary creation of a complete world and back story.Despite the fact that this show came on as I entered high school and was watching less cartoons and not collecting toys, I always had a fondness for the property.

The original 1993-1996 series was fairly straight forward in a cartoon sort of way. Three alien motorcycle riding mice are forced to leave their home planet of Mars thanks to the evil mining Plutarkians. They take refuge on Earth only to continue the fight against Plutarkian plots and rebel against their enemies on planet Earth and the city of Chicago. Chicago is being destroyed by alien greed. The biker bros have to save Chicago constantly, save the environment, and save fun. The three season show followed those exploits with aliens from around the galaxy being pitted against the Biker Mice and their female Earth mechanic Charley.

The show had a great cast of voice talent.

Dorian Harewood Modo
Rob Paulsen Throttle
Ian Ziering Vinnie
William Morgan Sheppard Lawrence Limburger
Leeza Miller McGee Charley
Brad Garrett Greasepit

Some of the stars had a 90s relevance, but overall they were a compotent cast bringing life to the main characters. The main characters of the 3 season, 65 episodes, Modo, Throttle, and Vinnie had a great relationship and bond that seemed believable for like minded individuals that had survived counting on each other since the Mars rebellion wars.

Eventually the show carried the brothers back to Mars to save the red planet, which is where the series ended but apparently not the story.

The 2006 series is called season four by some fans. It is a continuation of the original story. The shapes of the character bodies changed to reflect the European only toys, but the story picked up years after the original series. This time the three bikers had to return to Earth to protect Chicago from a different threat: The Catatonians. Some fans of the original show thought that the cat themed villains were a little on the nose against the race of space mice. However, the series retained the story approach, humor, and other defining characteristics.

While the art changed to reflect the newer toys, the voice talent was the same as the original series. Rick Ungar and Tom Tataranowicz both returned as producers for the renewed series. Tom Tataranowicz had been the original lead writer.

According to IMDB the 2013 movie will have the original voice actors and Tom Taranowicz writing again. Little information is available. Again, this could all still be internet hopefulness more than actual news, but since the revival season combined the original cast and talent it seems plausible that any future venture would as well.

Will this American movie follow the 3rd or 4th season? Will movie goers be expected to know the season that was not well pushed in American markets to understand the plot of the upcoming film? Is it straight to DVD or will it be theatrical? Will this signal the biker bros returning to the American cartoon lineup? Will the 2-4th seasons finally be released on DVD? More toys? Again, little is known at this time about specifics, but the possibilities seem great for the fans. In this time of property revivals perhaps the time is right for more from the Martians.

The 1993-1996 cartoons had a full line up of toys and merchandise, including cake pans, comic books, and VHS episode releases. Sadly, only the first season is available on DVD. The 2006 season is available on region 2 DVD but that is little comfort for region 1 fans. The region 2 DVDs are currently out of print but still available on the secondary market. In 2010 Criterion was reportedly in negotiations for the 2006 series to be released in Region 1 (US). Reportedly, the original series is controlled by Disney so chances of those coming out on DVD might be slimmer. Little information about DVD releases have surfaced since 2010.

What will happen in 2013? Only time will tell.

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