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Gambit #1
Published on Thursday, August 9, 2012 by

Gambit returns in an all-new ongoing series.

Published by: Marvel Comics
Written by: James Asmus
Penciled by: Clay Mann
Inked by: Seth Mann
Colored by: Rachelle Rosenberg
Lettered by: VC's Cory Petit
Cover by: A- Clay Mann w/ Seth Mann & Rachelle Rosenberg; B- Chris Bachalo
Editor: Daniel Ketchum

Gambit is one of those characters that gets new series after attempt at new series and never quite finds a groove. I think he works better in a series of mini-series more then an ongoing, but I appreciate that Marvel keeps trying. They do the same thing with Hawkeye.

This time around Asmus returns Gambit to his thieving roots, or attempts to, but does it outside the context of New Orleans. The problem is that Asmus just doesn’t do a good thief story. The whole point of thieving is to not get caught, yet Remy gets caught. He gets away with the item, but they know he did it and he trips the alarms. Not a very good thief.

The other major problem with this issue? Gambit doesn’t sound like Gambit. There’s not enough of his cajun dialect. It doesn’t read like Remy or sound like Remy. So between the lack of a good thief tale and the lack of Gambit dialogue, this book just doesn’t feel like Gambit.

There is one great panel/scene in the issue though. At the party there’s alot of background chatter and it revolves around things that there should be more of in a world of super heroes. The chatter is about how the normal folks deal with super heroes in their lives. There’s an insurance claim that gets the guy money because Iron Man smashed through his wall, a comment about dating the Human Torch, and someone commenting how it’s strange someone else has never seen Galactus.

Although the “coming out as a mutant” line is odd as there are no new mutants in the MU, something that Asmus as a former Generation Hope writer should now.

Back to the thieving for a minute. Remy has always been about his charm, his agility and his mutant powers. Seeing him use gadgets just ruins the whole thing. Gambit doesn’t use gadgets, he uses his own abilities. That was disappointing because it means that anyone with those gadgets (and in the MU, the devices used were very run of the mill) could do what Remy did. Remy’s thefts are supposed to be things only he can do.

And the girl just didn’t work. The whole thing hinged on someone he didn’t know following his lead? I know part of the story is supposed to be about Gambit being a bit rusty, but this was just too much.

Mann’s art is pretty nice. I like the painted-ish look that Rosenberg gives the art. A couple panels are hard to follow and understand, but overall the work is solid.

Gambit #1 receives:
3 out of 5

One Response
    • The Cajun dialect is like the ham-tongued ole English dialect on Thor, I just find it endearing to have a character that has his own voice.  It can be over done and has been, but it does need to be there. I liked the Strenko run of Nick Fuy because he tries to build in a certain generation of New York. Of course, I’m a fan of regional dialects and despise the TV for wiping out regionalism.

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