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Take the Whedon out of Fox
Published on Thursday, August 9, 2012 by

Fox is dueling American Idol and X-Factor and I don’t care. Their scripted line up will pick up Mob Doctor and the Following both with action roots. The biggest news is what they don’t have: Joss Whedon. Whedon has had cult classic television on the network in the past even if he didn’t deliver the hits they wanted: Firefly and Dollhouse. Whedon was very vocal after Firefly that the network intervened more than he wanted in the process. Whedon fans were shocked when he returned with Dollhouse.  Dollhouse had an unaired final episode in season one and was cancelled early in the process of the second season. Dollhouse was later finished as a Dark Horse title.

Whedon has had a recent headline. It was announced that he will be returning on Avengers 2. That is not surprising since he handled the blockbuster with the best opening domestic take for Marvel movies. Avengers 2 is an interesting sequel since it attaches to nearly a half dozen films. Now the sequel is getting its own second movie.

The Avengers 2 will make more of an impact than Biker Mice From Mars returning in an animated movie since Avengers has built a larger fan base in the many decades of comics and decade of movies.

Whedon fandom will be excited to hear that he is not only bringing another blockbuster to the resume, he is also coming back to TV for Marvel and ABCComicBookMovie news reported little known information about the new series. A key point is that it will fit into the Marvel movie universe. Marvel’s movie universe coming to the small screens at home is great news. The franchise is already larger than the redoubled Star Wars trilogy on the large screen. Poising it to take over the small screen seems natural. Since the mysterious TV show won’t take the air until possibly 2015, it may fill the void left by Arrow (based on DC’s Green Arrow) or compete with it.  Hopefully ABC will give Whedon free reign with the movie and let him make the fan pleasing television that he has delivered over and over in Buffy and Angel.

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