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Archer & Armstrong #1
Published on Friday, August 10, 2012 by

Does Archer & Armstrong continue the string of strong Valiant debuts?

Published by: Valiant Comics
Written by: Fred Van Lente
Art by: Clayton Henry
Colored by: Matt Milla
Lettered by: Dave Lanphear
Cover by: A- Clayton Henry w/ Matt Milla; B- Mico Suyadan
Assistant Editor: Josh Johns
Associate Editor: Jody LeHeup
Editor: Warren Simons

So far the new Valiant is off to a good start. The three series have been pretty solid and Archer & Armstrong continues the string.

I never read the original series but I knew the gist of it and this relaunched new take hits a lot of the same notes. It’s like the new IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. It’s new, but still feels comfortable like the old series, to established fans of the property.

Van Lente’s story is interesting. He’s setting up some cool stuff. There’s even some funny moments. Archer is an interesting character. Van Lente does a great job of showing a homeschooled kid out in the big city, it comes across as real, even with Archer’s additional peculiarities. Armstrong is Armstrong. Just a couple comments from him sets up an extremely interesting backstory. The villains will let Van Lente play around with real world conspriacies and theories, and at the same time have some fun with them.

I have a soft spot for immortal warrior type characters. I like seeing how they’ve affected history. Armstrong should be an interesting point of view character in the coming issues.

The art by Henry, well not exciting, is very solid. Good layouts, good characters. He’s got a nice flow during the action scenes. He does good with the little details. There’s a lack of energy to his work though, a lack of excitement. But the pluses outweigh the negatives.

My one complaint was the small text that was used to showcase Archer’s abilities. Sometimes it worked, but in a couple of locations it was very hard to read. Too small and the color of the text was lost in the background color.

Archer & Armstrong #1 receives
4.5 out of 5

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