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Coming Attractions For 08/15/12
Published on Sunday, August 12, 2012 by

Michael Avon Oeming has a new series at Dark Horse and The Walking Dead picks up after the events of the hundredth issue. What else of interest is coming this week?

The full list of new releases can be found here.

Books of interest:
Oeming’s The Victories #1 (Dark Horse Comics)
The Walking Dead #101 (Image Comics)
New Mutants #47 (Marvel Comics)
Homecoming #1 (Aspen Comics)
Pathfinder #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

The Victories, from Dark Horse, looks pretty interesting and it’s always nice to see Oeming do super heroes. Been looking forward to this one.

I don’t read The Walking Dead. I did read #100. I can see this being an important issue for fans of the title who are wondering how the group picks up the pieces from the events of #100.

New Mutants is being canceled as part of Marvel Now! and this storyline is the culmination of all of DnA’s stories since taking over the title. I’ll be sad to see their run end as it was very good.

Homecoming is a title I don’t know much about. I’ve seen a cover for it that was done by Michael Turner, who has been dead for a couple of years now. It’s always nice to see Turner art and I’m curious as to the story behind this title and the piece of art. That alone makes this an interesting pick-up.

Pathfinder is very popular pen and paper RPG right now, so makes sense there would be a comic based on it. I’m curious to see what this world is about and whether Jim Zub (of Skullkickers fan) and Dynamite can do it justice.

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    • I’ll be picking up Bloodshot #2 and G.I. Joe this week. I agree that Walking Dead #101 will be important and set a new direction for the next reaction. I may wait for it in trade.

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