The GeeksverseBloodshot #2 – Review

Bloodshot #2 – Review
Published on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by

Bang, bash, bloody.Bloodshot #2 picks up with a restrained Bloodshot letting loose and doing what he has been trained to do even though he barely knows what is happening. It’s a fun issue worth picking up. If you didn’t grab this and Bloodshot#1, then head back to your comic shop now.

In the original 90s run, the comic spent very little time on how Bloodshot escaped, but instead focused on him wandering and then joining MI-6 in order to team up with other Valiant characters.  Like Wolverine: Origins, the renewed Valiant Bloodshot is starting to develop the character as a broken entity with a past. Like Weapon X, Bloodshot is showing the breakout in detail. Ripping through troops, surviving crashes, and ready to move.

This issue shows more of what Bloodshot is capable of doing. #1 showed that too. This second issue shows more about how it works, the rejuvenation, the unwired programming, the Goldies in his blood. This is still a great jumping on point for new readers.

Also explored in this issue are the competing scientific and military agendas. A new threat is about to be unleashed in an attempt to reign Bloodshot back in.

Bloodshot and Bloodstyke have both brought the blood back to comic titles. This issue has the bullets and gore to earn that title without sacrificing the inner motivations.

Valiant is off to a great start. This issue also shows a sneak peek into X-O to help show off the upcoming Ninjak.

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