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Homecoming #1
Published on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by

He’s been gone for awhile, but Michael Turner is still making comics.

Published by: Aspen Comics
Written by: David Wohl w/ Scott Lobdell
Art by: Emilio Laiso
Colored by: Brett Smith w/ Stefani Rennee
Lettered by: Josh Reed
Cover by: A- Michael Turner w/ Peter Steigerwald; B- Mike DeBalfo w/ Steigerwald; C- Michael Turner w/ Steigerwald; D- Emilio Laiso w/ Beth Sotelo
Editor: Vince Hernandez & Frank Mastromauro

Homecoming was created by Michael Turner, David Wohl, Brad Foxhoven and Scott Lobdell. I’m sure there’s an interesting story in there somewhere. This had to have been either developed awhile ago and never published or the rest of the group found some notes of Turner’s and built it off of that.

Either way Homecoming is an interesting book. The title can have two meanings. It’s either about Celeste coming home or might be in reference to the high school’s homecoming. I’m thinking it might have been an older title that got looked at again because Hunter’s “Leroy Jenkins” comment is pretty dated.

The cast is pretty stereotypical. There’s the nerd who somehow has cool friends. There’s the jock that for some reason hangs out with these kids. There’s the brainy but secretly hot girl. There’s the rebel/tough girl. And there’s the popular girl. Stereotypical teen movie cast. And that’s what it kept reminding me of for some reason when reading it. I kept pictuing the old movie The Faculty about a group of aliens that take over the bodies of the teachers at a high school.

That movie had the stereotypical cast and at the end all was made right and the jock got the tough girl and the nerd got the hottie. I wonder if that’s where Homecoming will end up.

There are differences. Enough to allow Homecoming to stand on it’s own. Wohl’s script is decent and has an interesting tone. The captions read as if from the future. That style has never been my favorite, but Wohl’s is light and has a sense of fun. Hunter, especially, has a lot of excitement to it. That carries over to the rest of the title itself.

The plot moves quickly and the appearance of the alien is perfect timing. The last part sets up the future issues as the conflict expands a bit more.

I’d really like to know where this book came from, the story behind it, but the first issue worked good at getting me hooked and I’ll be checking out future issues.

Laiso’s art is pretty decent. Turner’s cover sets an expectation for the look of the look of the characters which Laiso doesn’t meet, but that’s okay because he does a good job on his own. Decent layouts with some pretty wild ones at certain points that enhances the story.

Homecoming #1 receives
4 out of 5

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