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Idolized #1
Published on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 by

We’ve seen the zero issue, now it’s time for the first issue.

Published by: Aspen Comics
Written by: David Schwartz
Art by: Micah Gunnell
Colored by: David Curiel
Lettered by: Josh Reed
Cover by: A- Arthur Adams w/ Peter Steigerwald; B- Joe Benitez w/ Peter Steigerwald
Editor: Vince Herandez

Check out the ‘Verse’s review of Issue #0.

The super hero reality contest angle has appeared in multiple books but so far Idolized handles it the best.

The first issue is really nothing more then the origin story of Leslie but Schwartz does an amazing job of making it interesting and something you become invested in. No action, all flashback and talking heads, but it’s extremely well done.

The reality aspects of it, the judges and the “Simon Cowell” one, are very well scripted. It plays out like you’d really expect it to play out. Leslie gives her story and “Simon” bashs it, provoking her. What could easily come across as cheesy comes across very well.

But it’s the flashback, Leslie telling her origin, that is the real strength of this issue. This was probably the best “citizen in a super hero world” feel ever. The way it’s described and shown? This is really what life would be like in a world of super heroes. Perfectly described.

The zero issue was great and the first issue is even better.

I can’t wait for more.

Gunnell also deserves high praise. Excellent layouts and he handles the many talking head pages very well.

Idolized is a book that everyone should be reading. It puts all the other super-hero reality show comics to shame.

Idolized #1 receives
5 out of 5

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