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Superman And Wonder Woman? Yawn…
Published on Thursday, August 23, 2012 by

Today DC announced who Superman’s new love interest will be. Is anyone really surprised?

Continuing the trend by Marvel and DC to announce new storylines on major media sources, today DC announced via Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life blog that Superman will be getting a new love interest in Justice League #12.

The New 52 dissolved the marriage of Superman and Lois Lane, as well as gave Lois Lane a new boyfriend. This meant that Superman needed to find a new girl. The new girl is Wonder Woman.

The article mentions that it’s the culmination of months of flirtation. Where? I read Justice League and I haven’t seen any flirtation between the two.

But aside from that, this isn’t shocking news. Or it shouldn’t be.

Superman and Wonder Woman have been hooked up before. Alot of future stories, as well as Elseworlds, have the two becoming a couple. But why? Aside from physical prowess what do they have in common to form a relationship off of?

To have Wonder Woman and Superman hook up is the safe storyline for DC. It’s something that fans have always seemed to want. It seems like a natural pairing. So why do something risky?

This is a boring match-up.

And what about the two characters appearances in the 12 issues of Justice League even hints that they’d be attracted to eachother? Superman comes across as a rookie, not even the boy scout he becomes, but a rookie. Wonder Woman is aggressive and angry. Even if there’s a great tragedy (the death of WW’s ex, Steve Trevor, I’m guessing) makes them come together to comfort themselves, why is it Superman she would turn to? Nothing about the two indicates the connection. Superman doesn’t come across as someone that Wonder Woman would be attracted to, let alone respect. And Wonder Woman comes across as too strong for Superman, at least at this point of his career as portrayed in Justice League.

Awhile ago in Justice League of America, Grant Morrison (or it could have been Joe Casey), had Batman and Wonder Woman growing attracted to eachother. They used a Martian device (one of those comic creations that only exists for that one issue) to see into the future and what their lives together would be. It wasn’t good, for the most part. So they decided to not pursue it.

But really, Batman and Wonder Woman is a better match-up then Superman and Wonder Woman. Yes, physically Supes and WW are the same, but emotionally and philosophically? Superman is basically a blunt instrument. Point and watch the bad guy go down. Wonder Woman is a warrior. She’s a strategist. She’s a fighter.

Who best matches her? Batman.

And possibly Aquaman.

Both would be better matches and make for better stories.

Instead DC went the safe route.

9 Responses
    • Looks like I jumped ship just in time. These aren’t stories, they’re media events designed to generate short term sales spikes composed of non comic readers who probably won’t even stick around after the glitter wears off. Meanwhile guys like me who’ve been reading for near 20 years are being told to like it or get out. I cancelled all my books this past week. I don’t regret it now.

    • Didn’t Batman and Diana have some sort of relationship in the previous universe? Supes and WW have never had an actual intimate relationship in the main universe, it seems like an easy out because it’s one of those schoolyard discussions for so long that it seems that they have been a couple once or twice. Now as for ongoing flirtation; yeah I don’t know where they have shown that, but I’m intrigued to see the direction this relationship will take. In the end, we all know he’ll wind up with Lois but, I’m glad to see that it’s not something they are going to jump into

    • The whole Supes and Flash not being with Lois and Iris really just comes across as DC saying “look, we’re new and fresh”. Hooking Superman and Wonder Woman up is the same as hooking Batman and Catwoman up. It’s DC saying “look, we’re new and fresh with stories you’ve always acted like you’ve wanted”.

    • With the whole reboot thing, I thought DC would have been smart to pattern the new universe, so to speak, on the Timm-verse canon: a proven draw, stripped-down, sleek, and easy to get into for both casual and long-time fans. This is just strange, though.

    • Screw DC, Marvel already made a stupid decision with Peter Parker and MJ. Stupid DC, ruining a powerful part of Superman’s lore. It’s like making the Wayne’s survive that mugging

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