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Invincible #94
Published on Monday, August 27, 2012 by

Remember when comics were created for fans by fans? That question should be easier to answer than it is. Invincible and Robert Kirkman are easy answers. Invincible #94 reads well if you’ve read all of the issues, mini series, and related comic appearances of these characters in Kirkman’s corner of the Image Universe or if you’re jumping on after a hiatus. New readers may be a tad confused, but the returning readers will be delighted.

The creative team is familiar to long time fans:
Robert Kirkman, writer
Ryan Otley, artist
Cory Walker, artist
John Wooten, Letterer
John Rauch, Colorist

This is a team that knows how to balance a dozen characters around a world wide fight and then throw in a second planet and a separate time line.

This issue has everything that could possibly make Guardians of the Globe great. This is a team heavy slug fest with one character being highlighted and featured. My biggest gripe against the miniseries was the production delays. Now that the last miniseries is available soon to collect the story in trade paperback, it would make a nice companion piece to this issue.

Invincible #94 shows ho much of a fan of comics—and particularly Erik Larsen—-Robert Kirkman and the creative team is. All of the tropes that have been presented since the silver age of comics find their way rehashed in Invincible, yet it always plays it as fresh as possible. It also takes the world seriously without losing humor.

Invincible #94 features some of the my favorite regulars from the Kirkman universe: Astounding Wolfman, Brit, Tech Jacket and Guardians of the Globe in general. Like many other Invincible books, this one doesn’t force the focus onto the title character.

This is another great example of a comic fan making comics. Fans respond rabidly with reason. This is a fun series. #94 is no different and is another fine example of why this series is great for returning readers. Although it is not a great jumping on point without picking up a few back issues to get the characters down pat.

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