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Danger Girl/G.I. Joe #2; Joe:Cobra #16
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Flint in action. The Danger Girl/G.I. Joe cross-over issue and Cobra hit the stands at the same time. How are they?Danger Girl is a fun mash up for fans of the girl squad and toy line comic characters. Unfortunately it has yet to explain who the Danger Girl cast are to the uninitiated. Cobra builds well on its corner of the three title IDW universe. In short this is a good week for Flint fans.


Danger Girl GI Joe #2
It’s the most dangerous event of the summer, and the action continues right here! COBRA’s surprise attack has brought the G.I. JOE team to its knees. But when Lady Jaye learns that Flint has gone missing behind enemy lines, she joins forces with the Danger Girls on a covert mission that aims to rescue her man and get the Joes back on their feet!

Cobra #16
THE HUNT IS ON! The key to all of Cobra’s secrets is in the crossfire as FLINT’s secret G.I. Joe squad converges on FIREFLY and BLACKLIGHT! Everyone has their own agenda-and everybody has a lot of guns! It’s not-stop action and betrayal as secrets come to light and bodies hit the floor!


Cobra #16

Larry Hama built the world of G.I. Joe and made it a viable product based on his secondary creation work. Chuck Dixon and Mike Costa are taking the story to new places. Building on the shared continuity that led through the Cobra Civil War and out the other side this is a fun comic that doesn’t always do what readers might expect.Remember that the Cobra Civil War started by killing the majority of Joe’s Ninja Force characters, yet here we are again ensuring that each title has a sword master of some description. I really should hate Ronin as another sword in the military book. This is a fun romp in the dark as Blacklight comes back to work. I’ve been enjoying Billy resurfacing in this title but did not expect this issue to unfold this way.

Mike Costa is hinting at the unknown about the supporting cast in this title. Chameleon is struggling with past demons at the onset of the book. Hopefully that will be explored more in the future. As the action is settling down after the Civil War I would like a chance to see more of the characterization on the newbies in the cast.

Danger Girl/Joe #2

This issue is split between before then and now timelines. The book opens with Deep Six dropping deep to uncover something that needs to be transported by air, essentially letting the reader know what happened before issue 1’s opening air battle. On the ocean floor the Joes are exploring German weaponry lost since WWII but trying to secure it before Cobra comes to claim it.

The freighter reminded me of a twist onĀ  the land locked freighter from the original Marvel run.

Bringing in WWII death weaponry is a fun way to bring in doomsday devices without having M.A.R.S. cook them up.

This is a fun issue but it is well executed.

My only gripe is that I still don’t know who the Danger Girl team is. I’m not a reader of their other miniseries so I am a tad bit lost. That basics read well even without knowing their back stories. Hopefully that will be cleared up sooner or later in this miniseries.


Danger Girl #2

The art on this book is nice. It captures the cartoon characters on the page in a manner befitting S.L. Gallant. It is a fun look that makes the characters easy to read even at a glance, capturing the wildest and wackiest outfits for the characters. Pure fun.

The layouts are well paced and well placed.

G.I. Joe: Cobra #16

Fuso’s art is still not my favorite. I had less trouble following the characters in this issue, primarily because it had less characters than some of the past issues. The action scenes looked great. The layouts look good.

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