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Locke & Key: Grindhouse
Published on Thursday, August 30, 2012 by

A one-shot before the last volume of the Locke & Key series, Grindhouse serves up a lot to like.

Written by: Joe Hill
Art by: Gabriel Rodriguez
Colored by: Jay Fotos
Lettered by: Robbie Robbins
Cover Art: Gabriel Rodriguez
Editor: Chris Ryall

The term grindhouse brings a certain meaning to what you are watching/reading. You expect the story to contain some elements and this one-shot does. It’s a period piece, the concept of Locke & Key really lending itself to those. Hill and Rodriguez could go for years telling stories of Keyhouse through the years, and I hope they do.

Grindhouse revolves around three Canadian criminals looking to hide out at Keyhouse until they can get to their escape boat. Not a good idea. This is just a fun story. The criminals are almost caricatures. They are funny in their over the top antics. The script, the dialogue is a riot. You can’t imagine anyone really talking like they do, but that makes it that much funner.

The last volume of Locke & Key is coming and I hope Hill and Rodriguez continue to bring more stories like this once the series is over. There is so much to tell.

Rodriguez adjusts his style, as does as the letter Robbie Robbins, to match the period of the story. Rodriguez is a master storyteller and even with the style adjustment, this story is no exception.

The story only takes up half the issue but it’s what follows that really got me excited. Reading Joe Hill’s foreward, I’d forgotten that he lives so close to me, but I didn’t know that Rodriguez was trained as an architect. I’m an architect myself and the next couple pages were great.

Hill admits that as a writer he really doesn’t pay attention to how the house is laid out. This is something that annoys me when reading a book or watching a show. I know how homes and buildings should go together and it really drives me crazy when it’s obvious that they no one else thinks it through. Thankfully Rodriguez is of the same mind.

What follows are pages of floor plans for Keyhouse and I loved it. Amazing. It’s obvious that Rodriguez spent a lot of time creating Keyhouse and I know how difficult a project like this would have been. I appreciate him taking the time to lay out Keyhouse and I’ll be spending a lot of time studying the plans and the elevations.

At least I’ll be able to connect the rooms when they happen in the story.

Locke & Key: Grindhouse receives
5 out of 5

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