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Savage Dragon #181-Advanced Review
Published on Friday, August 31, 2012 by

Philosophy about life and empire building discussed on two different worlds. What does it mean to rule?The original Dragon is leading his alien race. They’ve been cooped up in their ship for nearly a generation. Recently, Dragon lead his people to wipe out an alien race and seek vengeance on the people of Vanguard. Now Dragon has found a new home planet for his people in the graveyard of the vanquished. It is a nice pulpit to expound upon the moral philosophy of war and victory.

If that wasn’t a good enough pulpit to discuss theories, then being set in an alien gladiator pit while smashing your son’s face into a wall should be a good place to extol the values of democracy.

In true Erik Larsen fashion the oddities of the comic genre happen without irony or grimace but simply as extensions of what happens in an unreal world. Like the Invincible world of Robert Kirkman, Larsen’s Savage Dragon accepts what happens next without rebooting needlessly to take the story in a different direction. Within this frame work Larsen finds the odd place to put in real world philosophy, religion, and politics even in this unreal setting.

Larsen brought Dragon back into regular printing after using the green skinned Chicago protector to campaign for the Chicago based presidential candidate during the last election cycle. It has been less than four years of more regular dragon and the story has changed within his world. The original dragon is off with aliens. Malcolm and Angel Dragon are trying to take the place of their father.

I don’t know if Dragon still resonates with young fans the way it once did, but it does seem to have aged well with its original audience. Dragon started 20 years ago. One of the interesting points to me in this book is when Dragon is contemplating his actual age. He’s been on the scene for 20 years but he was already middle aged when the series started 20 years ago in a flaming lot in Chicago.

This comic is as much fun as you might expect from Savage Dragon.

Erik Larsen is still turning out a great package as writer and artist.

This would make a lousy jumping on point, but for continuing fans this is a fun read.If you haven’t read S.Dragon in a while, then waiting for the next trade to collect #175-180 might be beneficial so that you can know what is going on. Luckily that trade will be out soon.


Savage Dragon! Overlord! And an alien invasion like no other! Death, destruction and everything else that makes Savage Dragon the most compelling comic on the shelf is in full swing here! Comes with our highest possible recommendation!

Collects SAVAGE DRAGON #175-180On Sale: September 12, 2012

The invasion is over…at a price. The stunning aftermath.
On Sale: September 5, 2012
Savage Dragon #185
By: Erik Larsen
Savage Dragon is on trial crimes he committed when he had reverted to his Emperor Kurr persona. Now the world is his witness as the shocking verdict is read. Meanwhile, Malcolm Dragon has troubles of his own: Thunder-Head and Double-Paige! Comes with our highest possible recommendation! On sale October 31, 2012
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