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All of the aster and none of the dis-#19
Published on Sunday, September 2, 2012 by

The end of the telepathic gorilla fight resolved in an expectedly unexpected way. The art, fight oriented story, and telepathic thought bubbles were all great in Yong Justice #19. The most interesting part of the issue to me happened on the last page when the dark haired former Robin is revealed saying, “those were good times. All of the aster and none of the dis” and turns to reveal Nightwing.

Nightwing should be no shock for regular viewers of the Young Justice tv show. The second season of the series jumps ahead five years and then hints at what happened to send the team in different directions. It is an interesting concept tieing the first and second seasons together with a time jump and memory.It has been met with various reactions around the comic shop. Even if you wanted Robin to stay Robin and not become Nightwing so fast—or more likely wanted Aqulad to stick around—the time jump allowed new characters to join the cast. The new characters deviate the show from the earlier Nauck/David version of Young Justice.

The comics have been running behind in the season one continuity. Each issue or story arc fits well in between viewing the season on DVD. It has been a nice compliment. As the show jumped ahead the comic staying behind was an interesting choice. I had been curious in other reviews and news articles about this gateway for new reader experience if the comic would continue that way or jump ahead too. Now we know.

I’ve long been a fan of Robin’s quirky prefix play although some Young Justice fans find it as odd as Miss Martians over used catch prhase. In this case it makes the comic move forward really well. Kudos. Having Nightwing use a prefix play clearly show that he is Robin grown up. It makes the five year jump feel like a major reveal even though we all knew it was most likely inevitable.

I am split on if I like the comic jumping into season 2 continuity. I feel the first season cast had more stories to explore. I would have liked watching the cast grow slowly as it built toward season 2s new freshman class of heroes. Although I also appreciate the opportunity to have the comics and cartoons closer together.

Either way, this is still one of the greatest comic reading experiences for new readers. It is a great gateway comic because it allows tv fans to become comic fans. DC needs to figure out how to do that more often than the media stunt kisses. Young Justice #19 is a fun issue for readers of all ages, ending the Gorilla City arc. If you haven’t picked up this series then you should grab some trades and catch up.

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