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Batman Beyond Unlimited #7
Published on Monday, September 3, 2012 by

Batman Beyond Unlimited and Superman Unlimited are still getting too many pages in this title.I’m not sure how well the short stories shake out. One story is carrying Terry Batman into another planet with poor radio coverage.  One story is carrying Bruce back out of the cave under the cowl.  How many Batmen does this title need?

Batman Beyond Unlimited #7 The War for Apokolips begins, and Aquagirl’s origin is revealed! The Joker King gathers his army, and Terry makes a shocking discovery! Clark Kent searches for his place in the City of Tomorrow!

The Aquagirl story seems weak on its own. Having her break the fourth wall and tell the reader her background seems cheap in this book. Warhawk’s recent origin was an over narration, but somehow that felt more comfortable than the talk out of the bubble. The story itself sheds some light on Aquagirl but it is a weak story. It draws loosely from a lot of Aquaman story—story that isn’t in the new 52–but it feels forced.

I do love Lex Luthor and his daughter.

I sorta like the cape on Terry’s Bat character, but the fight scene with the giant snake went fairly quickly.

In the end this is not the best issue of the series so far, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have bought it. Overall this series has been strong and I have high hopes for the next issue. I still want to see characters develop to take the stories away from just Batman and Superman. The Justice League has also been forced into the series fairly well including fleshing out the back stories on a few characters. It is time to insert some new blood.

I’ll come back for more in 30 days. This is still one of only two DC comics that I am reading regularly.

Written by: J.T. Krul, Adam Beechen, Derek Fridolfs, Dustin Nguyen

Art by: Howard Porter, Livesay, Norm Fogle



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