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Coming Attractions For 09/05/12
Published on Monday, September 3, 2012 by

Hope everyone had a good labor day. The first books of September will be hitting the shelves.

Keep in mind that because of the holiday, not all the shops will have the new books out on Wednesday.

For the full list of releases this week, check out Diamond’s Page.

Books of interest:
Earth 2 #0 (DC Comics)
Green Lantern #0 (DC Comics)
Phantom Stranger #0 (DC Comics)
Guarding The Globe #1 (Image Comics)
Amazing Spider-Man #693 (Marvel Comics)
Lookouts: Riddle Vol. 1 #1 (Cryptozoic)
Damsels #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

September is 0 month at DC as all it’s titles have a 0/origin issue being published. The stories promise a lot of backstory and history. Earth 2 should shed some light on the lives of the Big Three in that universe, and maybe some of the other heroes if there were any, prior to their being killed at the beginning of #1. Earth 2 is also one of the top books coming from DC right now.

Green Lantern #0 introduces the new GL of Earth, Baz, who has been getting a lot of press. This should be our first good look at him.

Phantom Stranger #0 is a new book to the new 52 line-up and hopefully will answer some of the questions from the Free Comic Book Day New 52 offering. Is the Phantom Stranger really Judas? And if so, how much of the religious aspects will show up in the comic?

Robert Kirkman spun some characters out of Invincible and into a Guardians of the Globe mini-series, which because of similarities to the old DC team Global Guardians, had to change the books name to Guarding The Globe. The mini-series had some heavy delay issues and I don’t even know if all the issues were published, I gave up after issue #3. Of note this time around is that Kirkman has gotten some proven comic vets, Phil Hester and Todd Nauck, so that should help the time issues.

Anyone read Penny Arcade? If you do then you should be familiar with The Lookouts, a group of children trained to watch. It’s been ahwile since I’ve read the strips and can’t remember the full details which makes it nice that Cryptozoic is doing a Lookouts series. Definately worth checking out.

Finally we have Damsels, a new series from Dynamite. The premise is fairly familiar, characters from myths and fables actually exist, so it should be interesting to see what Dynamite does differently with their book.

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    • Guarding the Globe did eventually get the last issue out, and it is also now available in trade paperback. A more proven creative team covering the book should help keep the next mini series on time. The last creators were fairly green. Although Kirkman was green when he did Super Patriot for Larsen originally so that can work from time to time.

      Looks like a good week of Venom, Bloodshot, Joe, and TMNT so it is a good week for me. :)

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