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New Crusaders #1-Print Version Review
Published on Saturday, September 8, 2012 by

New Crusaders #1 hits stands with several variant covers, delivering digital content to print without Infinite 52 Crisis or Civil War style rebooting points. Instead New Crusaders picks up where 40 years of story telling has left off and continues Golden Age characters for a new age.Nearly every generation has brought these Golden Age characters back to life. Archie and DC have kept these familiar feeling characters hanging around the edges of superhero consciousness without having to keep them eternally churning out new product. Now they’re back again and as good as ever.

Reviewing this comic seems almost redundant since tech savy readers should already be plugged in and subscribed to this comic. Now it is finally available in print. I’ve previously reviewed the 12 page preview made available at Heroes Con and SDCC. This collects that 12 pages for readers that were not lucky enough to pick up a copy and continues to the big cliff hanger last page reveal.

Writer Ian Flynn does a great job introducing the Mighty Crusader cast in an action packed way that is not bogged down by exposition. Using a newly created power of the newest Web, the connections are highlighted. The former super heroes are clearly connected to their sons, daughters, nephews, and orphan assistants in a way that is clear that the next generation has arrived. The names of the Crusaders are dropped in clearly for easy reference. The fight scene shows the large cast in action without burdening the reader with obligatory exposition about powers, weaknesses, and back story. This series has a lot of print history before it but is not rushing it out.

Joe Higgins, the Shield, is probably my favorite Red Circle character so having him as the central veteran hero for a while is fineĀ  by me.

This is a forward thinking book that is not afraid to let characters age and progress. Rather than stopping the clock and rebooting from the beginning this new series starts after the former heroes are past their prime. Like Ron Frenz/Tom DeFalco MC2 or Marvel’s 2099, or DC’s Batman Beyond, or Image’s Savage Dragon, the clock moves forward. That moving clock allows for different character development because the characters have a graveness and gravity since they are aging.

While New Crusaders does not return to the beginning with these characters this series does return to a family friendly all ages book that is truly an all ages tale. It is fun for readers of all ages.

This is the book that should be everywhere. This is the book that should be given to cartoon and movie fans to show what super hero comics can be. This is a fun book that everyone should be reading. Head to the nearest Archie comics shelf and pick up New Crusaders!

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