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Talking Football #1
Published on Monday, September 10, 2012 by

Getting away from comics for a bit and talking about my favorite sport, FOOTBALL!!

The first week of Football is in the books and there was lots of good stuff to talk about.

1)First up, let’s talk about the replacement refs. The talking head community hasn’t had much nice to say about these guys. They really slammed them during the preseason, but what did they do that was so wrong? There were a couple of missed calls here and there, but nothing major. And let’s face it, the regular refs blow calls all the time. And the talking heads complain about it all the time too. The replacements did a good job.

So what does this mean for negotiations with the regular refs? It doesn’t look good for them. The longer the strike goes on, the better the replacement refs will do and the harder it will be for the regulars to plead their case.

I’m on the league’s side in this. Why? The refs make $140,000 a year and they want more. Part time gig, most of them are either retired (getting pensions) or have full time jobs and they want more then $140,000 a year? I also like the league’s idea of a set of back-up refs, so if a group is doing really bad during the season, they get replaced. What’s wrong with that idea?

I see the regular refs giving in by the end of Week Two.

2) The Fantasy Football waiver wire will be going nuts on Wednesday for Kevin Ogletree, Andrew Hawkins and Brandon Stokley. But will it be worth it?

Take my advice with a grain of salt. Not the best fantasy expert, but then no one is, not even the ones that claim to be.

I think Ogletree will be a good pick-up. Miles Austin and Dez Bryant will be getting a lot of coverage and both were healthy during the Giants game but Tony Romo still went to Ogletree a lot. I expect that to continue. I think Austin’s numbers will suffer for it.

Stokely is a security blanket for Peyton Manning, that’s the only reason he was signed by the Broncos. He’ll continue to be so early in the season but as Manning becomes more and more comfortable with Demaryious Thomas and Eric Decker, Stokley will see less and less catches.

The Bengals need to find a 3rd receiver and Hawkins looks like he’ll be it. He may also move up into the 2nd spot. Brandon Tate, the former Patriot, is the current #2 but really didn’t show anything to warrant that position. Wouldn’t surprise me to see Hawkins become #2.

3) I can’t stand the Fox pregame show. The CBS pregame is decent but I really like the team on NBC’s Football Night In America. I wish they could do a pregame show in the morning before the day’s games. Dan Patrick, Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison do a great job. I can do without Peter King and Bob Costa. Costa annoys me.

4) Favorite commentator teams: Jim Nance & Phil Simms followed by Al Michaels & Chris Collinsworth. I liked the Monday Night Football team of Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden but will hold off judgement until after a couple games this year of the Jaworski-less team.

5) Worst commentator teams: Joe Buck & Troy Aikman

6) I can’t stand when Tony Siragusa talks. He’s useless. Get rid of him and that team would be very good.

7) So will the talk about who is better, Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck, start now or after week two? I think Andrew Luck will be a good quarterback, but can’t help but ask if Griffin III should have been the first pick in the draft. Also have to wonder if Washington would have given up as much as they did to move up in the draft to get Andrew Luck?

8) Marvin Lewis, coach of the Bengals, seriously? You don’t go for it on 4th and 1 from the 1 yard line? You’re down 7 points. What good is 3 points going to do you? You’re playing the Ravens D. Points are at a premium. And the way Flacco was playing, your D couldn’t stop him or the Ravens O. Take the 7. What’s the worst that happens, you don’t make it and you back the Ravens up on the 1. 3 points wouldn’t make that big a difference. The worst part about that decision, you coverted TWICE on 4th and 1 in that drive already.

That was the deciding factor in the game. The Bengals wouldn’t have won anyways, but they sure would have made it more competitive. That decision told the team that Lewis had no faith in them and they played that way the rest of the game.

9) The Bills D was supposed to be good. The Jets O was supposed to be bad. Gotta love preseason predictions. I do think the Jets O will suffer and not be as good as that 1st game indicated. And I do think the Bills D will be better, but not as good as the talking heads have been saying.

10) Was the Redskins win over the Saints really an upset? The Saints D isn’t going to be as good as they have been, for obvious reasons and the loss of Sean Payton, the head coach, is going to have an impact no matter what the players say. Drew Brees is good, but he doesn’t make all the decisions. I was surprised the Saints lost to the Redskins but I don’t think the Saints will be as good this year without Payton.

The coach has to matter at some point, no matter how good your quarterback is.

11) I’m a Patriots fan but I’ll try not to overload this column with Patriots talk. I think Belicheck knows that the Super Bowl window with him and Brady is closing. There’s only so many more seasons Brady can play at a top level. They already own so many records that at this point it’s all about making an unbeatable legacy. That means at least another Super Bowl win. I think that’s why Belicheck didn’t shore up draft picks for next year like he normally does. Whatever the reason, the top of the draft have made a big impact already this season. Chandler Jones, Dont’a Hightower and Tavon Williams all had good games in their NFL debuts.

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