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SpongeBob #12
Published on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 by

SpongeBob #12 was a pick of the week? Yes. And he makes a short but compelling reason.SpongeBob isn’t my pick of the week, but it is the pick of the week for a contributor to a comic store blog. I like his rationale, “it’s not for me it’s for my daughter.” Sure. That works although he does point to the duality of jokes that appeal to all audience much like the cartoon. It is a nice quick recommendation.

SpongeBob, like Bongo Comics and Archie comics, are often over looked by comic websites and reviewers. They ALL produce a consistent quality product but are ignored in favor of the headline grabbing media events. So, it is particularly odd to see SpongeBob #12 recommended from anywhere but a pineapple shaped comic shop under the sea. In fact, these aren’t the corner of my comic shop that I frequented until I was burnt out by the modern super hero and big company rebooting. Since I’ve been spending time with Young Justice, Marvel Adventures, the Death of Comic Book Guy, Kevin Kellar, New Crusaders, and other comics in that “kiddie” corner of the shop I have remembered why I loved comics in the first place. I’m regaining my wonder.

So while SpongeBob #12 is not how I am spending my money this week it is a consistent comic that can be a lot of fun.

I agree with the blog’s comic shop staff pick that this is a comic that can work as a gateway for new readers.

Since I do love this odd literary/art/pop-culture that is Comics I would like to see them pick up new readers and be wide spread. The characters and stories can work as evidenced by the millions of dollars internationally spent on watching comic characters on the movie screen. Surely these characters work as well in a comic book as they do in 3D. Surely movie viewers should be flocking to comic shops to find out what happens next for Batman, Spider-Man, or the Avengers…but they don’t. Bad movies didn’t translate into comic sales and no one was surprised. Good movies don’t translate into comic sales either? Not with any lasting impact on the market place.

SpongeBob #12 buy it for young people that don’t read comics.

Buy it for the good of the comic industry.

Or just buy it for the jokes.


He has square pants!

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